>Delicious, yet potentially Deadly, Girl Scout Cookies!


A Florida woman is behind bars today after kicking her roommates ass over a box of Girl Scout Cookies.  The cookies were Thin Mints, so I can see how this might have happened, they are very tasty.

The Thin Mint lover is Hersha Howard.  This Collier County woman was
arrested Sunday after kicking her roommate’s ass over a box of the delicious Girl Scout cookies that she had forbidden her kids to eat.This is according to naplesnews.com.
The fight started when 31 year old Hersha accused her sleeping roommate of eating the cookies, the roommate responded by saying she had given the cookies to Hersha’s kids who had the munchies about 1 a.m.
The roommate offered to pay $10 for the cookies, but Hersha wasn’t having it and the beat down began. (I think the current price for a box of Girl Scout cookies is about $10 now so that seems fair to me) The roommate’s husband pulled Hersha off her so she could escape, but Hersha followed after her.
According to a police report, Hersha grabbed a pair of scissors and threatened the woman. When the woman started to run down some stairs, Hersha allegedly dropped the scissors, picked up a board and hit the woman as she ran down the stairs.
Hersha caught up to the woman again and knocked her to the ground and started to beat her. When the roommate managed to get outside the house, Hersha grabbed a nearby sign and started hitting her with it.
Police finally arrived and arrested Hersha, charging her with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.
No word on what dessert was served in jail.

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