>Why Haven’t they invented a Remote control for life?????

>Have you ever seen that show, How William Shatner changed the world?  I think everyone should.  Its mostly about how many things we have now are because inventors got the ideas from Star Trek.  Really if you think about it for even a few minutes its pretty impressive and I really don’t even need to go into what kinds of stuff if you have ever seen the original Star Trek.  Anyway its a really cool show and William Shatner will always been cool, maybe not as hot as he used to be, but still way cool.
So that got me thinking.  If we have video cell phones and computers that you can carry around in your pocket, why isn’t there a remote control for life?  What are those slackers working on that is taking away from what could be the most important invention of all time?
I need a remote control for my life.  One with a Fast Forward, Stop and Rewind buttons.
Not only would this come in very handy with the boys and the dog, I could use it on my husband.
Case in point.
My wonderful (not being sarcastic) husband comes home this morning about 2:30 am.  Coughing, hacking, moaning.  Typical guy has a cold behavior.  Then he tells me that its been going around work.  Then he shuts the bedroom door and gets into bed.  Now first off, if I get sick I am screwed!  Because you know the boys will end up with whatever this is and who do you think is going to be babying them??  Because as everyone knows when someone who has testicles gets a cold, its the end of the flippin’ world.  So Bill shut the bedroom door!  AHHHHHHHH  our room is tiny and now I am trapped in the dinky room with all of the icky germs.  We do this door open, door shut thing ever night. I want the door open, because I have a couple of sons who like to roam around the house while they are supposed to be sleeping.  Our bedroom is at the top of the stairs and its impossible for anyone to go up or down the stairs without me knowing about it.  That’s an advantage to having a house that is about to turn 121 years old, the stairs are pretty creaky.  But Bill likes the door closed, he claims for privacy.  I wonder if he has noticed we have two young boys, there is no longer such a thing as privacy.  I like the door open.  My reasons; I want to know what is going on at all times, I am nosy. I also like air.  The room gets very, very stuffy and Bill for some reason doesn’t like me to run the ceiling fan he installed.  Whatever, the door stays open.  Aden sometimes sleep walks.  He usually heads downstairs so its just easier if I hear him go down the stairs than to discover him making a bowl of cereal while he is sleeping.  He’s almost 5 and it just isn’t a good idea to let him pour his own milk when he is awake, let alone when he is asleep.
There are drawbacks, like lack of privacy. But that is easily solved by just waiting till they are asleep which is usually by 8 pm. 
Back to the germs. 
If I remember correctly Bill has only gotten sick about 4 times in our 12 years together.  Usually a cold that turns into bronchitis but nothing major.  He still hasn’t passed the kidney stone and his luck he’ll end up doing that while he’s sick.  I do feel sorry for him. But I feel sorry for me too!  I am the one who will end up sick and still waiting on everyone, that sucks.  But at least I don’t have kidney stones šŸ™‚  I guess I’ll just prepare for the worse and get some chicken soup started, make sure I have lots of lemon & honey which is awesome for colds and coughs and unlike cough syrups, honey really does work. It doesn’t last long but it does work.  On the bright side, today is Bill’s day off so at least he won’t have to call in.  Tomorrow he can go to work and give the cold to someone else. Thats the best way to get rid of cold šŸ™‚
Sharing is Caring…So Sayeth the Barney:)

But If I had a remote control, I could fast forward this part šŸ™‚ 


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