>Puke & Snot Galore

>I am currently wading through and ocean of snot & vomit and some other things you probably don’t care to hear about. So Bill is till sick, he actually went to work Wednesday but  they sent his germy ass home.  It appears that this little version of the flu is making its rounds at his warehouse and they want nothing to do with it.
This of course happening as they have to start working with a new account and now everyone is out with the flu.  Because I live in a household of overachievers, we don’t just have the regular ‘ol flu no we have super sized our allotment and gone with the ordinary/H1N1 Super combo. Because that is just how we roll.
I have always wanted to say that but have never had the opportunity.  I won’t ever say or write it again, it looks as retarded as I thought it would.
Moving on.
So Bill has had this crap since Monday night.  I started feeling a bit pukey Tuesday morning.  It hit Evan next  Wednesday right after school and Aden came down with it completely yesterday.  .
Did I mention that everyone in this house is an overachiever?  Bill, as far as I know, isn’t puking, but he still has that kidney stone so he gets extra points.  Evan is puking.  I can’t figure out why it is that I am not catching on to this but it happens ever single time he gets sick.  Evan will come up to me and say ”  I want to hold you”. His little way of saying he wants a hug.  How can I say no?  So I usually kneel down to hug him and whamo!  Puke everywhere, mostly all over me.  This is not a once in a while thing.  I fall for it every time!  6 times yesterday.  You would think I would be smarter than that. But no. 6 times he said he wanted a hug and 6 times he puked all over me.
Aden seems to be a little better about it.  He mostly has been sleeping or watching movies.  But they are both running fevers that are consistently up around 102-103 range.  Getting Evan to take medicine is like trying to get Bill to take it.  But with Bill if I sit on him and shove it down his throat its not abuse.  Or is it????  With Evan I end up trying to hide it in juice but he usually catches on.
Aden got me really good yesterday.  Said his mouth hurt and I should look at it.  So I went and looked at it.  Projectile vomit right in my face. Ah, the rewards of motherhood.
Aden seems a little better today.  Evan is still asleep upstairs and Bill is still out on the couch. At least Bill is off today so hopefully he’ll be feeling better by tomorrow.

I did have something great happen yesterday.  I have a friend who was deployed, called to let me know he is now home!  That made my day.  I was so happy to hear that he is home safe and with his family!.  Now I don’t have to worry so much 🙂

Anyway, it was nice while it lasted but the vomit machine is awake so I am sure I have to get off of here so I can wait on them.

So I will go put on my hip waders and hope for the best 🙂


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