>They Are Alive!

>After spending the last 4 days up to my neck in scorching fevers and bodily fluids, it appears that everyone will live.
My first indication that everyone will survive, occurred this morning, when I was awoken to sing-song voices demanding breakfast.  I said sing-song, to make it sound considerably more pleasant than it actually was.  It was pretty much high-pitched shrieking ,that brings to mind a cat being run over and  a few hoarse demands to be feed immediately or suffer the wrath of the pre-schoolers.
My indication that Bill was feeling alot better occurred about 2 am, but until I figure out how to change the settings on this blog so that anyone under 18 can’t read it, I think I should skip the details.  You will just have to take my word for it.  He did make it to work this morning.  Moving right along.  After the many demands for food, the natives immediately erupted into fighting.  So all is well.  I think.
The little maniacs are still running a low-grade fever, but I think that they will be fine to go to school Tuesday. 
I’ll try and keep them calm (roflmao) I said try, probably won’t ,but I will try.
Update on my big afghan.
So all of the pieces are done.  This is one huge afghan.  Next time I will use a pattern I think. This thing is a little bigger than a queen size blanket.  So last night when I finished the last piece, I tried to sew the pieces together.  Not going to work as the pieces are now.  Everyone I asked just said, do the pieces then sew them together.  Okay i tried that. Not working.  It looked like crap.  Using this loom, one end the stitches are lot more loose, so when I tried to sew them together I get a gap.  So, I think I have to finish the edges of the pieces first then try and sew them together.  I am starting to get a big frustrated with it, I keep thinking maybe I should just whip out the sewing machine and call it a day :).
I still can’t decide what I should knit next.  I think I will go with the next hardest thing or at least it looks hard to me, fingerless gloves πŸ™‚ 
I keep thinking that I should actually use this blog to talk about pressing world issues.  But then I remember that if I did that I would be making the blog about something other than me and my petty little issues.  I like it to be all about me πŸ™‚ 
So let’s get back to me.
The recovery from the surgery is starting to drag out a little too much for me.  I am ready to not be sore.  I know its only been 8 weeks but enough already.  According to doctor I have 4-6 more weeks before I should be completely healed and relatively pain free.  Apparently he wasn’t joking about the recovery time.  It just sucks.  But on the bright side, the swelling has finally gone down enough that I am back in my jeans πŸ™‚  on the down side, I will need to get out the sewing machine and start taking things in.  Since I haven’t been able to wear jeans since October, I didn’t really notice the weight loss except in my bras.  Which is disappointing.  I bought 6 new bras online that fit perfectly, last August.  Now the bands are too big.  But I am not going to go out and spend more money until I know for sure what size I am going to end up being.  I am not complaining!  Jeans and bras are easy to take in.  This diet thing is getting old too.  I am officially sick of spinach, mushrooms and cauliflower.  Which is pretty much all we are sure I can eat without issues.  I am sure that it didn’t help that I ended up breaking the rules  and drinking all of that cranberry juice when I got the infections.  So all of the work getting rid of the gastritis was blown with the first glass of that.  As far as the other food issues, we still have no idea what else could be causing it.  I have completely cut out all meat except for chicken and that I am only able to tolerate an itsty bitsy teeny tiny bit at a time. I am pretty sure at the next visit he will tell me no meat at all.  That really sucks.  I love meat.  He also decided that dairy may be a problem so I am only getting limited amounts of that and that really sucks too.  Also sucking, no garlic, nothing spicy, no onions, no hard cheese, NO CHOCOLATE.  The man hates me.  What the hell am I supposed to eat??  I put garlic in everything, really everything. 
The new hairstyle thing I wanted to do has run into a few snags.  The cut I have on my hair works just fine, but my hair is way to curly to do the style without a pound of gel.  The color that Bill wanted is the one I did.  Everyone else voted for the more brown,red, golden color.  He like the darker red.  So darker red we did.  I really wasn’t to concerned about what color I have as long as the silver was all covered.  I am talking silver, not gray, not white, Silver.  Very shiny, reflective, can see it 2 blocks away, silver.  I wouldn’t be to concerned about it, if it looked like highlights or something, but they way they are growing in it just looks like I let the boys color my hair.  Besides here all of the mothers with kids the same age as my boys are still in their teens and it makes me feel ancient.   Most of the women in town, my age are grandmothers.  Scary.
Back to the hair.  So I guess I have two choices I can use a curling iron and alot of gel or I can use hot rollers and alot of gel.  Either way I am going to need alot of product.  So as you can imagine with me, that isn’t going to happen often.  At the moment and most of the time, I am embracing my Annie hair.  Red, poufy and pretty round in shape.  Whatever, no one really sees me anyway except Bill & the boys. 
On to other matters.
So our first Real anniversary is coming up in a couple of weeks.  Even though we have been together almost 12 years, we’ve only been married a year.  Yeah I know and it was all me, I have discussed the commitment issue thing before.  Anyway, he had wanted to do something the weekend of the anniversary like dinner or something, but he now has to go out of town that weekend for work.  Lovely.  Its not a big deal really, we can always do something the next weekend, but the following weekend is his birthday. So who knows.  I am only a little disappointed. 
I did hear from a friend the other day who is back from deployment, that made my day.  I am so glad is his home safe.  I just can’t imagine how his wife does it. 
Well the natives are getting restless so I should go and entertain them.
Since they are still running fevers I can probably wait till tomorrow for the massive disinfecting. I think I will need several gallons of bleach πŸ™‚


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