>One more Sugery update

>I was reminded that it has been awhile since I have officially done an update on the surgery.  I haven’t done one since there isn’t much to tell and I thought I had been doing little updates.
Whatever, I’ll go on ahead and do one now.
So we are at week 8 after the surgery.  I am feeling alot better, still have alot of soreness and I still get tired pretty easy but as far as pain goes its pretty much just the post surgery pain except that the pain in my upper right quadrant (abdomen) is still there.
Not as bad as before, but it definitely still there enough to get my attention a few times a day. But, we know its not my gallbladder, which is sitting in a lab somewhere being tested. Its not my appendix, which is who knows where and its not adhesion’s, we think.
The doctor said he cleaned all of them out.  The first surgery he got the top ones he could get to and with this last surgery he got the rest.  He did put barriers in during the first surgery and those appeared to be working when he went in for the second surgery.  So we have every reason to believe that they would work when he applied the second batch.  The barriers are to slow down the growth of the scar tissue. Anyway, so it shouldn’t be more adhesion’s but there is no real way to know without going back in. The CT scan doesn’t show anything and the Ultrasounds are clear too.  Now I did have adhesions attached to my liver which is amazing high up for only having had surgeries in my lower abdomen and no one thought I could have them up there. But I did, so with me anything is possible.  So what to do?  I personally do not want to have any more surgeries of any kind, anytime soon.  If it is adhesions, which I am suspecting it might be, then I will just have to suck it up.  The barriers have a pretty high fail rate.  So I knew going in that I only had maybe a 20% chance that the barriers would work at all and I knew that by having any kind of surgery, it would just cause more adhesions to grow, even if the barriers worked for a little while.  But, I believed then and I still believe that for me, just getting the relief, even temporarily, was worth it. Besides he did more than just cut out the adhesions.  I won’t have any issues with endometriosis again and the veins that were all swollen and nasty and causing alot of pain on their own are completely gone. Everything has been put back where it goes. So all in all, even if the adhesions are growing back, I am sure that I can deal with this pain for at least a few years before it just becomes to much.  Then we can go back in and clean them out.  But I would like to wait at least 2 years.
So, we will go with the assumption that it could be adhesions and I’ll have to just deal with it.  But, it could also be the gastritis, which I was warned would come back.  Could also be something that I am eating that is causing the pain, so we will continue to screw around with my diet till we figure it out.  For the record, I do not believe that I have developed an intolerance to dairy products.  I will not give up cheese.  No one can make me. I will not do it!  I love cheese.  I would praise the name daily, if I knew it, of the first person to look at a cows udders and say, “I wonder what that stuff that comes out of there tastes like?”.  Also for the record, I do not believe I have celiacs disease, which is an allergy to wheat gluten. 
It helps alot that I have a doctor who actually listens to me and no longer believes I am a complete idiot.  He didn’t believe me when I said I thought the original pain was adhesions but when he went in saw them, he did apologize.  He doesn’t guess, he tests which in my opinion is alot better.  But we are about out of tests we can do.  I don’t want another CT scan, I just had one and I doubt it will show anything new.  We’ll just continue to remove things from my diet and then add them back slowly till we figure out if it is something I am eating.  Maybe I have just stopped processing some foods like I should, who knows.  I am pretty convinced that the original barriers have failed or perhaps the scar tissue attached to someplace he missed, I don’t know. I do know that it isn’t that bad and I am sure I will survive.  But on the bright side, I should not ever have to sliced open again like I was. He should be able to get to everything laproscopically from now on.  Now that he can see and everything is where it should be.  Sometimes the barriers provide a permanent fix.  The scar tissue never grows back.  That would be frickin’ awesome, but I won’t hold my breath. 
I only miss my uterus a little bit.  I keep waiting for cramps or something and nothing.  Its really weird.  I still get PMS, I still get all weepy and then eat like a bear getting ready for hibernation, but none of the psycho,demonic, everyone in the house is pissing me off, episodes.  Haven’t flipped out on anyone yet, well no flip outs that were hormonally inspired. 

The infections have all cleared up, well the ones that I got post-surgery, I am not sure about what I might end up with after this round of the flu finishes up here.  So all in all doing pretty good.
All of the stitches are out or dissolved, well the ones that are not permanent, those are still where they should be.  Doesn’t look like I will be healed up enough to use the auger by the time Bill starts building the fence, but you never know.  He can’t start the fence till the roof is done and the house next door is torn down. So the weather is working in my favor!  I really want to use the great big two person auger!!!!!  Really really bad!  Great big huge power tools are cool.  Although knowing Bill, he will come up with a reason why I can play with it.  He doesn’t let me use the tools we do have and he does have some cool tools. 
I can’t think of much else to add.  I haven’t lost any more weight, which is good because most of my clothes don’t even come close to fitting now, except for my Lucky jeans.  They fit again!!!!!!!!  Yeah me!  I haven’t been able to get those on and actually zipped for about 9 years.  But I can now 🙂  although with all of the shrinking I have been doing I will have to wear heels with them because they are way long me now, they didn’t use to be.  So I have proof that I used to be taller!  Although I do kinda like having to look up a Bill, that’s kinda cool.  Oops better stop that train of thought now lol.  Anyway, I guess that the overall consensus is that I’ll live 🙂
So unless something new comes up, which I doubt it will, this will be the last update on this last surgery:)


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