>Evan the Author

>Back in the beginning of last October, Evan and I started working on a story.  He was still taking naps, so instead of me reading to him, we started making up our own story.  I  have to admit, that even coming from a 3 year old, its a pretty good story.
So we have worked on it at least once a day.  The good thing about having a three- year old tell you a story is that you really don’t have to wait to get to the good parts.  This little story, well it started out little, has turned into an epic fantasy adventure.  It has all the classic fantasy elements.  A hero of course, a dragon, animals that shape-shift and talk.  An Evil king, Nosy mother/local witch that reluctantly helps the hero (guess who got to be the witch), the hero’s brother/sidekick and the beautiful and mysterious woman.  Oh and a beautiful princess who is always getting into trouble and needing rescued.
Tons of Adventure!  I am actually pretty impressed.  The only thing we don’t have are pictures.  Evan and I did sit down and draw out a map one day after I had the surgery.  Alot of this story was done while Evan visited with me while I was still upstairs stuck in bed.  We needed a map, this little world Evan had in mind was just way to big for us not to have a map.
Since Aden’s birthday is Thursday, Evan and I were discussing what presents to wrap for him and I asked Evan what he wanted for his birthday.  His answer really threw me for a loop.  He said he wanted to hold his story.  After some careful questioning, it seems that what he means is he wants his story to be a book, with pictures.  Hmmmmmmm
I actually think that would be a really cool present.  I remember when I was a kid I had an Aunt who got me a Snow White and the Seven Dwarf’s book and my name was in the book.  There was a company that would add your child’s name to just about any story.  They still have those companies but I wonder if they have a company that would print just one or two copies of a book…..  We don’t have any pictures and Evan was insistent on pictures.  Bill draws really well and so does Papa, but could we get either of them to actually read the story and draw the pictures????  So its a challenge.
I know of several self-publishing companies, were you pay per book, but those tend to be very pricey and I am not sure if they are what we are looking for.  But I will do some checking with them anyway.  We could go the children’s book publisher route, but I am not really sure if there is even a category for fantasy for the very young child..  I could ask our children’s librarian, she knows everything 🙂

I sat down last night after the boys went to bed and started writing  it down.  It wasn’t that hard since every time Evan and I told the story we always started at the beginning, covered all previous adventures and then added on.  Its alot like Harry Potter for the 3 year old, without the magic wands.  Actually there isn’t alot of magic usage.  Magic critters, but not alot of Abracadabra–poof stuff.

Although I could always have Bill draw us up some some pics and I could print everything off the computer.  There is a book binder not to far from us.  I am sure that would be alot more reasonable that having a printer do the book. 

So I’ll give it some more thought and work on getting it typed up.  But it do think its a cool idea.  Maybe I should post it on here as I get it typed up.   I would have to copyright it first.
Well anyway I am off to get everyone busy.  Cupcakes to make, presents to wrap, fights to break up, Laundry to do, coffee to drink and litter boxes to wash.  I am sure I am missing some stuff, but it will get done…..eventually.

Shop Smart!


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