>Friday, Friday

>Well, we survived the birthday!  Even though we didn’t do much yesterday because Bill had to work Aden said he did have a great day.  The Strawberry cupcakes with chocolate icing turned out much better than I thought they would.  For some reason I had it in my head that strawberries and chocolate wouldn’t taste good together.  Yeah I know, Not sure what I was thinking, I do know better than that.  I remember that Bill and I used to eat alot of chocolate covered strawberries and……ah …yeah..let’s just move on.
So we had the cupcakes, opened a few small presents and played games.  Today is the yearly checkup at the doctor, then off to the Macaroni -n-cheese pizza store.  Its just a little buffet style pizza joint that has macaroni & cheese pizza, so as you can imagine, its a popular place.  It is also Cheap!  The Magic store is Cici’s Pizza in case anyone cares.  Its not the best pizza in the world, but it is barely passable and the kids love it. 
We also need to make a library run, picking up and dropping off.  I love the library!!!!!  I love that you don’t have to pay to watch movies, you just need a little patience.  Bill likes that I am not spending a mini fortune on books.  Although occasionally we do still have to buy one or two, because I really need them ๐Ÿ™‚
Today should be fun and Bill is off tomorrow.  The boys may get another present tomorrow, it depends on if the lady makes it to town or not.  She is giving us a Big Wheel bike.  I just love those!  They have one now at Nana’s house because her house is big enough they can ride it inside.  But we just can’t get away with only one of anything ๐Ÿ™‚
One of the presents Aden got yesterday was the Zurg (the bad guy from Toy Story)  So that is causing alot of fights.  Aden got the big one, about 8 ” tall and Evan got a little one about 4 ” tall.  Evan of course wants them both.  It caused a huge 30 minute screaming fit at bedtime, then again at about 2:30 am Evan got up to go to the bathroom, which woke up Aden who had to mention that Zurg was on the floor.  That of course reminded Evan that he wanted the big one. Which started the screaming again, which lasted until  Bill put the key in the door.  Bill missed the screaming fit, but didn’t miss Aden trying to wake Evan up to see if he was sleeping.  Aden said he just wanted to see if Evan was done throwing a fit. 
I love it when Bill is gets off.  Ah I’ll rephrase that.  I love it when Bill has the weekend off. (pretty fond of the other too). 
The Cats are going to be very happy tomorrow.  I think that we can let them outside now.  I think we are done with snow and ice for now.  Now I will just have to get Mama to let me give her the flea treatment. 
Maybe I will just have Bill do it. 
I guess I should get my butt off of here and get into gear.  I have children to dress or rather re-dress Aden dressed himself and I am thinking that a pirate outfit isn’t really appropriate for today’s outing. 
Ya’ll have a lovely day. 


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