>Yesterday went well, I think.  Aden threw a massive fit when it came time to get his shots, such a fit that he actually missed when the nurse gave him the shots.  He was thrown off a bit that he was screaming and she was already done.  So the results of his checkup were, he’s completely healthy.  But we are going to have to watch him closely, seems he is a bit short.  Really?  You think?  The NBA isn’t exactly beating down the door to our house.  WE are all short.  There are a few tall men on Bill’s mother’s side of the family but to the best of my knowledge there are none on my side.  So we’ll watch Aden for the next year to see if he gets any taller, if he doesn’t then there are some tests we can do to make sure that its not any sort of medical reason that he’s not taller, other reasons than he’s just not going to be tall that is.
Evan has a bit of an ear infection left over from being sick and his Oxygen stats were on the lower side, not anything dangerous just at 92% so we are giving him breathing treatments.  He gets to wear a little mask that looks like a dragon so he thinks he is a fire breathing dragon, its pretty funny.  He is pretty wheezy and has alot of chest congestion so we’ll do the treatments till he clears up.  Had to do the same thing with Aden a couple of years ago, but he has allergy induced asthma, so do I for that matter, so as long as we keep the allergies under control he won’t need the treatments.  But he did want to use the dragon mask last night. 
Bill suffered through the day, he was very tired.  He ended up only getting about 4 hours sleep, again, but instead of going to bed early, he got sucked into that show Blue Bloods. Which is a great show I just love Tom Selleck, always have but once it hits 9pm I have a hard time keeping my eyes open.
We let the girls, the cats, outside yesterday.  Mama couldn’t make up her mind.  She went out, then came back in, then went out again.  But they ended up very happy to be outside, it was a perfect day outside, warm & sunny.  We turned off the heat and opened up the house for a few hours. 
With the weather warming up, there is a decent chance that we may finally be able to get our roof rebuilt.  I said decent chance, I am not holding my breath. I just want it done now.  We can’t fence in the yard until the roof is done because they will have to come in from the back yard to do the back roof.  I really, really need the yard fenced in!  These boys and the dog are driving me nuts.  A fenced in yard would mean I could just send them all outside. They could then run it off out there.  Maybe then I could get some stuff done. 
Call me over protective but I don’t let them go outside by themselves now.  Evan has a habit of just taking off.  Aden is pretty good but Evan is not.  Without the yard fenced in we have to keep Sam chained up and that’s not fair to her, she wants to run and play.  Besides how well could she watch the boys if she is chained up?  She probably would break the chain easily enough if she needed to, but I like the idea of everyone safely enclosed in a nice 6 foot wooden fence.  We are pretty sure Sam won’t be able to jump over a six foot fence, she can jump over a 4 foot one with no problem.  The boys I am sure would have no problem getting over a 4 foot fence either.  I don’t think Aden would, he is pretty good about obeying the rules, but Evan would see the fence as a challenge and get to work scaling it immediately.  A 6 foot fence should give us at least the summer before he figures out how to get over it, we hope.
I have figured out that the military is the place for Evan to be 🙂  either that or a demolition derby.  The boy has some massive destructive tendencies.  Maybe he should check out the Army, they let you blow stuff up and I am sure he would enjoy that.  I always thought that I would never let any child of mine join any branch of the military that wasn’t the Air Force or maybe the Navy, but thinking about it, I am just not sure that the Air Force or Navy would be suitable for Evan.  I am thinking Army.  Aden on the other hand, I don’t think is suited for any branch of the military.  But you never know, I bet people never figured I would be suited for the Air Force either at least not while I was growing up.
Anyway, I just got way off topic.  Wait what was the topic?
Today we need to do a Wal-Mart run….oh goody, goody.  Then I am pretty sure we’ll work in the yard.  The boys have some severe spring fever and really need to get out and run some of this energy off.  There will be alot of poop to pick up, guess who gets to do that?  Me, of course, somehow in the division of labor for the household, I got stuck with poop.  Oh joy of joys.  Maybe after I am done with that, I can make everyone stay outside long enough that I can mop.  It will be a wasted effort since as soon as they come in the floors will be muddy again, but hey at least I know I did it. 
Bill’s mom is recovering nicely from surgery, all the biopsies came back benign so she’s good, sore, but good.

I am suffering from spring fever myself 🙂  My surprise lilies, tulips and irises are just starting to come up.  I can’t believe how my surprise lilies have spread.  They are everywhere!  I am not sure what they are really called but one of the neighbors said they are called surprise lilies because when they bloom its always a surprise and it really is.  They only bloom once a year, nice big wispy pal pink petals and at a slightly different time each year.    My tulips are all along the front porch and down the side of the steps so I don’t know if they will bloom and be done before the roofers squish them.  The irises are mostly safe I have a back up patch of them in case the roofers kill the ones in front of the house.  I think Bill has finally killed off the bachelor buttons, we literally had a field of them.  I love them but Bill hates how horrible they look before they bloom, says it looks like a weed patch.  That is pretty true, but I liked having a 20 foot long by 6 foot wide mini field of them.  It was less he had to mow.  It doesn’t look like we will be able to put in much of a veggie garden this year.  Maybe we can get some summer crops in but then again our lives are being controlled by the roofers so who knows.
Anyway, nothing really major to report, as usual
I should go make up my list for wal-mart. 
The excitement never ends 🙂


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