>So, So, So….Sew Buttons on Your Underwear

>Sew Buttons on Your Underwear???  Yeah its a bit silly, but my grandmother used to say it to me whenever I would say “So”. 
Just had to throw that out there, no point, no reason, it was just there.

So it appears that Spring has officially Sprung!

That means for those of us in the fun filled, ever so exciting Midwest, storms, storms, flooding, tornado’s and a few more storms.
Never a dull moment, well until August.  August is pretty dull.  Hot and boring.  But I love the storms. I always have.

Spent a few hours outside yesterday, watching Evan work in his garden.  He was getting his flower bed ready.  He loves digging.  Too bad we can’t actually plant anything till after the roof is done.  We also have to wait to put up the fence till they are done.  Hopefully, next week they can start, the weather is looking pretty good.  I know, I’ve said that before.  We just need it to be dry and over 40 degrees for 5 days full days.    I can’t wait till its done.

I don’t want to be premature, but it appears that Evan is officially potty trained.  Absolutely no accidents, day or nighttime, for 4 weeks.  Yeah!

Mama cat still won’t go back outside.  She is having alot of trouble walking, I am sure that has nothing to do with how fat she is.  She looks like a whale with chicken legs 🙂
Whatever makes her happy 🙂

Hopefully my yarrow, tulips & Lillie’s will survive the roofers.  The yarrow was planted by the original owners wife, so its been here 120 years.  I moved some it, just in case.

So we are having some family drama.  Someone in the family has decided to get back together with someone that everyone else in family just can’t stand.
We’ll call them Dick & Jane.  So Jane dated Dick a few years ago and they were together for a few years.  Jane is the family member in case you hadn’t figured that out.  Dick was, well a dick.  One of those people who mooches off people and has an excuse for everything.  Everyone is out to get him.  Poor little Dick.  Jane broke up with Dick a couple of years ago, much to the relief of everyone.  Dick managed to con the family out of over $12,000 before the relationship ended.  Dick has many, many children of which he doesn’t support but a couple of them and those couple, not very well or often.  He recently got out of jail for failure to pay child support.  He lies constantly.  Jane isn’t much better when it comes to Dick.  Being around him, tends to make her lie too.  Whether he is lying to her and she doesn’t know or he tells her the truth and she just lies to everyone about it, is anyone’s guess.  Either way, no one is thrilled they are back together. 
And Dick and Jane both like to start trouble. 
It is hard to tell people that they are being an idiot.  Well some people have trouble telling other people they are being idiots.  I used to, I don’t have issues with that anymore.  The problem is, most of the time if you tell someone they are being stupid, they don’t listen and get all offended.  Really though, some guy, who has 5+ kids with 5+ women, doesn’t support them, has been in jail several times as an adult, mooches of everyone, including the state, doesn’t pay taxes, lies about everything, you would think once you had figured that out that you would avoid said con artist like the plague.  No, not our Jane.  Sucked right back in.  Because Dick, being a con artist, is good at telling people what they want to hear.  It doesn’t help that Dick knows which of Jane’s buttons he needs to push, and that Jane has some self esteem issues.  Some doesn’t quite cover it, but I’ll skip the details.
So, while no one is happy, no one can really do anything about it.  Jane has been coddled and given her way since she was born.  There are alot of underlying issues with Jane, which would take forever to cover, so I won’t.
Point is, Everyone would rather Dick just go back to annoying other people.  I was however very proud of Bill for not saying anything to him and not kicking his ass. Jane of course had to invite Dick to Aden’s Birthday party, even though she was told that no one wanted him there.  Bill would not even look at him.  Didn’t say a word to him either. 
I do wonder though if this is just a way for Jane to get attention.  Or perhaps she really is just being an idiot.   Probably a bit of both.
So that is our drama.  I guess I can only hope that he will end up back in jail, because is probably the only way this crap will end.

Enough Drama for now.  Moving right along.  Made Black beans and Brown rice last night, it was yummy. 
Went to pick up a prescription Saturday and the pharmacist had a message from my doctor.  She even printed it out on the prescription label in all caps, “MAKE AN APPOINTMENT ASAP”.  Geez, ya think he wants to see me?  It is probably because I stopped by and the nurses did my height, weight, blood pressure & that was it, I was just supposed to check in with the nurses, he wasn’t even there.  But I guess now he wants to see me.  Why do they check your height every appointment?  Are they expecting me to get taller?  That would be kinda cool.  I am still short barely 5’4″ inches. By his measuring thingy. I still think he’s wrong. But Easily fixed, now all the shoes I wear have at least 2 inch heels 🙂  He probably wants to see me because of the weight thing.    It appears that I have lost 12 pounds since the surgery.  I can see some bloodwork in my immediate future, but I believe cause of the weight loss is pretty easy to figure out.  I can’t friggin’ eat anything good.  All I am eating is vegetables, no fat, no sugar, no meat.  Just flippin’ vegetables.  I am F***ing hungry.  I want Steak, chocolate, and perhaps a pound or two of bacon without the grease drained off, because Fat Has Flavor!!!!!.  Anyway, whatever.

Doctor said he wants me to stay between 120 & 130, which is I guess a good weight for my build.  When I stopped in the other day, his scales said 107 but mine at home says 112.  And my scales show the boys all weighting the same here as they do at their doctors, so its not my scale, I do know how to calibrate a scale.  I am not to worried about it, I am sure I’ll gain it back as soon as we figure out what I can eat.

I’m off to clean the cat box, so exciting 🙂


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