>To Vap or Not to Vap

> So it obviously doesn’t take a genius to know that smoking is bad. Very Bad. So, since it appears that I may in fact live to be 40, I think maybe I’ll try and add even more time on to that;) So, that means that I need to quit smoking, no really quit, like permanently not just for a year or so. So I was doing some checking and I like the idea of a pill you just take and presto chango, you quit smoking. Sounds nice, but see I am one of those folks that needs to pay attention to side effects. You know that Nasonex spray for allergies? Several years ago, right after we moved up here the doctor prescribed it to me. I had just about every side effect listed. Coughing, bloody nose, headache, sore throat. It was worse than the allergies. So I read side effects. Carefully. Chantix looks like a great thing, but it has alot of potential side effects that I would rather not deal with.
There are other things, patches, gum, etc. But I just don’t want to do that. To be really honest, I don’t want to quit. I just don’t want to do it. Supposedly with all of the afore mentioned things, you really need some motivation. The only motivation I have is that I should quit and its getting pretty pricey. If I quit smoking I could buy more cheese. I really love cheese.
So I saw this thing about Vaping. What exactly is it, I wanted to know, so I have been doing some research.
The commericals show all of these happy smokers putting down their cigarettes and sucking on this metal looking this that appears to produce smoke. But its not smoke. So what the hell is it? Apparently it is a water & liquid nicotine vapor that you breath. Okay. Isn’t is bad to get water in our lungs? Liquid Nicotine? Hmmm. No other ingredients. No second hand smoke. No hundreds of strange things to breath in that you shouldn’t be. No Tobacco.
Did lots of research and it seems that one side effect is people actually stop smoking and don’t go back to regular (now called analog cigarettes by the vaping community) cigarettes and the other side effect is alot of people get completely off nicotine quickly, without any withdrawal. Nice.
So Now I have the basics, but where to buy them, What companies are legit, which ones are scams. What kind of kit do I need?
Oh here is a video if you are interested πŸ™‚

So now that I have decided I want to do this, I am now left with the question of what kind of kit I want.
There are a ton of choices. Ones that are 2 part or 3 part, ones that come pre-filled with the nicotine, ones that you have to fill yourself.
I am lazy so I don’t want to bother having to fill anything or clean anything. So I will probably go with a pre-filled unit. Next, do I want a 3 part unit, which is cheaper than the 2 piece, or do I want to go with the 2 piece which is supposedly better? Next choice, what strength of nicotine do I want? I’ve never been a heavy smoker, I don’t care for full flavor cigs and I have never been a pack a day smoker. At most I smoke 10 a day, usually closer to 4 or 5. Then once that is decided, what flavor do I want. They have all sorts of flavors, chocolate, tobacco, mint, menthol, cherry, banana, vanilla, Coffee, you name it. Actually that part probably won’t be that hard, I think its pretty clear what my first choice would be πŸ™‚ Next I have to decide on Batteries. Do I want one or two. two is good if you are out and about alot. I don’t go anywhere so I’ll probably just go with one rechargeable battery.
So we’ll see, I am hoping ot make my decisions and get a kit ordered today. Shipping is typically 2-3 days, so I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. Now this whole electronic cigarette thing make me wonder alot of things, the first thing I wondered was how long before someone figures out how to make liquid THC. Someone probably already has but still, I have to wonder lol.
Continued.. Wednesday.
So I started this on Tuesday and got distracted, happens to me alot. I went on ahead and ordered a kit. Decided to try a 2 piece that has pre-filled cartridges. Cost $29.99 with shipping and should be here Friday or so. I’ll keep you posted on how it works. Bill still thinks he can quit cold turkey, we’ll see how that goes. It hasn’t worked for him before, but you never know. He thinks he can because I quit cold turkey when I was pregnant. He just doesn’t seem to understand pregnancy all that much. I couldn’t stand the smell, it wasn’t a matter of wanting to, I did, but I couldn’t drink coffee either. But I have hopes that this will work for me.
I also decided to go with the assorted flavors pack. Tobacco, cherry, vanilla, chocolate & menthol (which I am not thrilled with) but the menthol is supposed to taste more like mint than menthol, we’ll see.
Its still not good for you, but its better.
I’ll keep you posted on this little adventure, I know you are so thrilled πŸ™‚


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