>Happy Anniversary To Me!

>Well its my anniversary, my first anniversary, even though I have been with Bill for 12 years now.  I finally gave in and let him drag me to courthouse last year.  I knew when he asked me, that I didn’t want anyone else, I was taking my time 🙂
But, today he is in Omaha.  The weather is for shit and the boys are acting like monkeys who have hijacked a mountain dew truck and drank all of the contents. 
I am a bit bummed.  Oh well, isn’t this anniversary the one where you are supposed to get paper?  I really don’t want any paper, although we could use more toliet paper, I really don’t want it as a present.  We don’t usually do alot of presents and things like that.  Maybe a card for birthdays,  I think I have gotten flowers maybe 4 times since I’ve known him 🙂 And I am pretty sure those times his mother or father told him to lol.  No worries though, I’ve never gotten him flowers.  But it would have been nice to maybe go out to dinner and have the kids stay at Nana’s.  Maybe next year.  He has to work tomorrow too, and next weekend is his birthday, so I guess we will wait.  But I do think I may get  and wrap up a 12 pack of Charmin for his anniversary present 🙂

Moving on, I saw this thing on one of the morning shows the other day, about the breastfeeding doll.  Have you seen this thing?  I thought it was old news, apparently not.
They showed the video, which I will post because its just weird and I love to share.

I am all for breastfeeding.  Formula is just too freakin’ expensive and there is all that sterilizing and washing and mixing, it just wouldn’t have worked for me, I’m too lazy.  But this doll is creepy and weird.  I don’t think it is necessary to have this doll to promote breastfeeding.  Ask my boys how baby’s eat and they will tell you baby’s get milk from boobies.  No doll needed.  If you want to promote breastfeeding, more mother’s should do it.  Young girls will just see it.  You don’t need to give them a freaky vest. 
Before formula, all women nursed their children.  None of those toddlers needed freaky vests & dolls to practice. 
If a young woman had never around any other women or children and had a baby and there was no one around to to tell her how to feed the baby, I have no doubts that she’d figure it out anyway.  Do you really need a doll to practice with?  Whats next?  The picky eater doll?  Throws a fit if you try to feed him anything other that mac & cheese?  How about the nose picking doll, constantly has one finger up his nose, diggin’ for gold, then he eats it?  how about the hand down the pants doll?  or my personal favorite and one I think I should invent, Baby Flatulent with realistic smells.  Or Colic Baby?  Or Hold me baby, that would be the baby that screams hysterically if you ever put her down, you just have to hold the baby all the time or else.  If those babies were available for sale, I can imagine that about 13 or so years after they hit the market, birth control pill sales would skyrocket.  If they are going to make a breastfeeding doll, lets not screw around with it, let’s really show toddlers what parenthood is all about.  How about expanding the market a bit?  I am thinking Teen Mom Barbie.  She comes with a baby and a McDonald’s uniform.  No house, she gets to live with her parents (wait I don’t think Barbie had parents), No fancy car, she gets a bus pass.  She also gets assigned her own Social services case worker.  You can’t have Barbie without Ken! So lets have Teen Dad Ken, comes with his own Court documents & Wage Garnishment for child support.  Ken can also have little pay checks with the stubs attached to show how much money is coming out of his minimum wage job for child support.  Ken also doesn’t get a car he gets a bus pass too, because he can’t have a drivers license, because he is behind on his child support, because he had to quit school to support his kid.  Oh the fun we could have with these  toys.
The possiblities are endless! 
What ever happened to just a plain doll, a few clothes and you had to just make it up as you went along?  All kids will pretend at being parents, its an important part of their development. Both of the boys have at one time or another pretended they were ‘daddy’ to one of their toys.  I even at one time had to get a girl doll, because they didn’t have anything that looked like a baby and they really wanted a baby.  The baby thing lasted a couple of days and I haven’t seen the doll since.
When Aden was 3 he had a Denver Assesment, its one of those tests that gauges development, just to make sure your child is developing skills he should be at that age.  Anyway, on one part of the test Aden was given a baby and a bottle and asked what he should do with those things.  He had no clue.  She then asked if he knew how a baby eats.  He gave her the bottle back and told her “babies get Mommy milk, Evan wasn’t any better with his test, both of them were completely clueless as what a bottle was for.  Kids learn from watching their parents.   The doll is freaky but not as freaky as the vest thingy. Enough said.

I think I am done bitching, for the moment anyway.  I am off to tackle the laundry and clean the house.  Both are pointless activites.  I will wash all the clothes and everything I was today will be dirty by Monday.  I will clean the house, it will be clean for about 20 minutes and then it will look like it hasn’t been cleaned in 4 years.  oh well, I really don’t have anything better to do with my time anyway 🙂


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