>The New Adventures of McD Barbie

>I have a really hard time coming up with titles for these blogs.  I have been told that just labeling them with the days of the week aren’t the best of ideas, because then the indexing system thingy on the site has trouble sorting them.  As if that is my problem, but hey I will try and be a team player.
I survived my Anniversary.  Bill got back about 8 pm last night so that was pretty great except that I was wiped from breaking up numerous physical altercations all day.  There was also way too much screaming, so I had a headache as well.  Then once Bill came home, Aden didn’t want to go to bed, which I completely understand, I wanted to spend some time with daddy too, before I passed out from exhaustion.  Once Aden finished watching Bill eat dinner, he did go to bed, and only came down 4 more times, because he had to tell me something.  Very important things like, cats are nocturnal and dogs aren’t.  He wanted cereal for breakfast, with milk.  He is thirsty and is just going to get a quick drink and then he’ll go to bed.  And my favorite of the evening, I’ll go to bed when you go to bed.  I lost my patience with that one and told him that if he didn’t get to bed and stay there, he would never play his puppy, running, fishing game (that’s what he calls the Fate game) ever again!.  That did the job.  So, finally everyone who is supposed to be in bed gets to bed.  It was quiet for about 10 minutes then Mama decides to start yelling.  At what or who, I have no idea.  I guess she was just in a mood.  She comes out to the living rooms and starts in on Sam, who is shaking like she is having some sort of seizure, because Mama is looking at her.  I swear that dog needs therapy.  Granted Mama scares me too, but Sam is a pitt bull, she has a reputation to think about!  If the other dogs in the neighborhood found out………
Mama bitched at us for about another 5 minutes then jumped up on the couch, smacked Sam, who immediately crawled under the coffee table and started crying, then Mama glared at me & Bill and then just started licking her butt.  Nice.  A very pleasant evening.
I gave up and went up stairs, maybe a soak in the tub would help.  It would have, if Aden wasn’t running in and out of the bathroom every 3 minutes!  AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Can I have a minute or two, by myself? Without anyone talking to me, looking at me, wanting me to do something, or just bugging me in general?  No, I guess not.  So much for the nice relaxing bath, I used to be able to spend a whole hour in the tub, by myself, uninterupted.  It was nice.  I finally gave up and went to bed.  Bill joined me a few minutes after.  At least the entire night wasn’t a wash.
Moving right along,
So May 7th, I am going to participate in a Run/walk thing for Doves, I think its 2k or 5K or something, I should probably get the details.  No I will not be running.  I don’t run.  For me to actually run, someone needs to be dead, dying or bleeding profusely.  But, its for a good cause and I can bring the boys and I am pretty sure since it starts  in the early am, that if the boys have to walk that far first thing, I may end up with a pretty quiet afternoon:)  If it works, we’ll be doing that often.  They have no problem walking a couple miles now, we do that every time we go to the library. So I think the walk thing is only about a mile & a half or so, if its the 2k and I remember how far a kilometer is.  Anyway, that’s what I am going to do. 
Bill’s birthday is next week and so far I have nothing planned!  I can’t even get him to tell me what kind of cake he wants.  I did ask him what he wanted, but I am not going to share exactly what he said, I’ll leave that to your imagination.  While he will probably get that, I was actually asking about what kind of Food he wanted to eat, like for dinner.  Sometimes its hard to talk to him πŸ™‚ 
I did get him a present a movie that he wanted, 21 about those kids that ripped off Vegas.  He likes Math, there is just no accounting for taste:)  He also doesn’t have season 8 of the show 24 so I am looking around for that.  But I still can’t figure out what kind of cake.  Last year I made german chocolate, maybe I’ll just do that again.
For dinner, he really likes it when I make chicken marsala so that is also on the list.  We’ll see, I have a whole 5 days to figure it out.
I do wish to state for the record, his new schedule sucks.  I just don’t care for it.  He leaves at 7 am and doesn’t get home till around 11:30 pm.  We just don’t get to see him.  Then when the boys do see him they act like crazy people to get his attention.  They haven’t yet caught on to the fact that while it does appear as if Bill isn’t paying attention to anything, he really is. 
Aden has decided who he wants to marry, since Bill told him he can’t marry me.  For some reason the last month or so he is obessed with getting married.  We have shot down all of his ideas on who he wants to marry.  I was his first choice, I am not sure if I should be freaked out or flattered.  Nana and Aunt Jana came in a close second.  I think now though he understands that he can’t marry someone he is related to.  So, he was standing next to me this morning while I was checking facebook and saw some pictures a friend of mine had posted of him and his daughters going to a Father/Daughter dance.  My friend has 2 daughters I am not sure how old the oldest one is, I think around 9 or so, but I do know the youngest one is just a few months younger than Evan.  Anyway, Aden pointed right at the oldest girl and said, “I will marry that girl, we can go get her when Daddy gets home!”.  Evan immediately had to chime in with ” That one is just my size, I want her” while pointing to the little one.  While I think they have outstanding taste, both girls are just beautiful, I do know their daddy pretty well, and I am pretty sure he doesn’t want to hear about any boys, looking at his baby girls.  But it still pretty funny, I told Aden that we couldn’t go and get her just yet, but I’ll see what I can do about him at least getting to meet his future wife.  Hey you never know.  It’s not that big of an age difference, about the same as between me and Bill πŸ™‚ 
So that was pretty amusing. 
Oh, Midwest News Flash.  Its snowing.  Wow.  Nifty.  We are also getting a bit of thunder, which I really do like.  Thunder snow is just cool, I don’t care who you are, its cool.  Its right up there will hail in August.  Although if I see hail in August, I tend run to the basement.  Ooo Be right back, there is a message from the National Weather Service πŸ™‚
Not for us, yet.  It is just a Winter Weather Advisory.  Why do they do that?  Shouldn’t it be a Spring Weather Advisory?  It is Spring.  This is pretty typical Spring weather for here.  Or even better than spring weather advisory, how about All weather Advisory?  Since we are getting All of the Weather.
I am thinking about calling Mattel about my new Barbie and Ken doll Lines.  I wonder what they would think?  I know its tacky, I can’t help it. 
 Well I had better quit screwing around and get busy.  I have laundry to do, floors to mop and a dog to wash.  Yay me πŸ™‚


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