>STopPing Smoking.., Day 2..

>Okay, so I did pretty good yesterday, I only smoked 2 regular cigarettes.  One when I took out Sam first thing in the morning and then when I took her out the last time, at night. 
So far its not to bad, except getting the liquid in your mouth, that is just unpleasant.  I had to rinse my mouth out 3 times yesterday.  According to the manual, getting the liquid in your mouth is caused my tipping the  unit and not holding it level, completely horizontal.  I am learning that that is very important.
Still on the same vanilla cartridge.  Battery is still working.  I wonder how long before the battery dies???  I only have one, but I guess that isn’t that bad of a thing, surely I can go without it for 2-3 hours while it recharges lol.

So Bill got up this morning and did not go outside for a cigarette.  He did however pass by the e-cig 3 times.  Finally, I just told him to go ahead and try it.  He did, the look on his face was priceless!  He said it wasn’t bad and we discussed it a bit before he left.  He thinks he will give it a serious go this weekend when he is home.  LOL  Now if I can only convince his mom and dad to switch! 

I do have some concerns.  I wonder if I am going to turn into one of those asshole ex-smokers.  You know the ones that glare at people for smoking or make snippy little comments if they see someone smoking??  I already glare at people, and I have really hard time Not making snippy little comments, I just usually don’t target smokers, unless of course they are doing something really stupid.  Like smoking in the car with their kids.  Although the people I see smoking in cars with their kids, usually don’t have them buckled in or in car seats either.  I will probably continue to glare and make comments to those people, I don’t see a problem with that:)

So Mama decided that her old, fat butt was going to stay on the couch last night.  This would be the second night in a row.  She has been wandering out right after Evan goes to bed.  Aden has slept on the couch for the last two nights because he wanted to be with Mama.  He can’t do that tonight though.  Sam is loosing her mind.  she kept jumping up and trying to get on the couch with Mama.  Mama wasn’t having it.  I just couldn’t figure out what Sam wanted.  I had the boys go sit on the other side of the couch this morning and I just watched Sam and Mama for about 5 minutes.  Then I figured it out.  Sam, was trying to lay down next to Mama on couch.  OMG.  Really, oh my poor, pathetic puppy.  It is very sweet.  However, its a good way to get herself, maimed.   She just doesn’t get it.  I am starting to think that pet insurance might be a good idea.  Sam isn’t so bouncy if I stay in living room with both of them, but if I leave the room, she starts bouncing all over the place, I am hoping it will get better pretty quickly.  Its hard to sit on the couch and knit with all the bouncing and fighting 🙂

I did cheat a bit this morning and had about 1/4th of a real cig while I had Sam out.  But, I am really not even craving a real one, yeah I know I’ve only been up about 4 hours, but still, I used to do most of my smoking in the morning.  I think its an improvement anyway.
Alrighty, I am out of here 🙂 

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