>Day 3 of the Stop Smoking Saga & Quality Time with Billy Banks

>So Day 2 went pretty well, only cheated  for 1 whole regular cigarette, but I did make it last all day:)  But was able to get by with the e-cig the rest of the time, without killing anyone.  Although it did seem like I was hitting that thing every 10 minutes for awhile, but it is alot less nicotine than what is in a cigarette.  I still can’t seem to make myself sit down and actually smoke it. Whatever, I got alot of crap done.
So since I have clearance from the doctor to start exercising again, I did.
But, being the complete dumbass I am, instead of gradually getting back into it, I figured I’d just jump back in.
Not one of the smartest things I have ever done.
Back last September I got a Billy Banks DVD, the Billy’s Bootcamp, Billy’s Blaster Ball Workout.  I never got to use it, because that is when all that pain started getting really bad.  Anyway, I blew up the big workout ball thing, and that alone was a workout and probably why my arms feel like they are going to fall off now.  It has a manual pump, a very small one.  Its not even one of the big balls.
So, after that was done, the boys and I moved the furniture around and bit and we got started.  They loved it.  They weren’t exactly doing what they were supposed to be doing, but hey, I had the ball. 
I think there was a printing error on DVD.  It says “Blaster Ball”  It should say Ball Blaster.  First, the ball is too small for me to be doing alot of the things he was doing with his ball.  But I did try.  There was alot of improvising.  I have never used one of these ball things before.  I am thinking that a wise course of action, would have been learning how to balance on the damn thing before actually attempting to use it.  I am grateful I had the foresight to close all the curtains before I got started.  I believe that I delivered a $10,000 performance, too bad no one videotaped it.  American’s Funniest Home Videos would have loved it.
I did, in a very strange and bizarre way, enjoy it.  But, it was probably not what I should have started with after 6 months of sitting on my ass.  Tomorrow, I will do Pilate’s, Wednesday Yoga. Maybe if I can move by Thursday I’ll spend some more quality time with Mr. Banks.   Just a little tidbit, while I am writing this it is still Monday night, thought I would get an early start on Tuesday’s bloggy thingy.
I would like to not do anything but, I have a feeling that if I don’t do something Tuesday, I will end up in full rigamortis, now its only partial. 
But I did make it through the whole workout.  I am surprised I can type.  But then I am not moving my arms, only my fingers.  My Fingers are in outstanding shape, since that has been the only thing working out during this whole surgery/recovery time.  Knitting.  My fingers have been knitting.  Just thought I would pull you back out of the gutter 🙂
I am off to read stories to the maniacs, before they destroy my room.  I’ll finish this off in the am.

Tuesday morning.
Alrighty, so we are up, the boys are eating and despite my constantly telling them Nana doesn’t live here, they are eating completely different things.  Why do I do this to myself??  Aden is eating Mini wheats mixed with Life cereal and Evan wanted cheesy eggs.  Fine whatever keeps the arguing down to a tolerable level.
Mama surprised me last night by following me upstairs & actually jumping on my bed.  She can actually jump up on the bed.  I was shocked an amazed.  I had no idea she could still jump that high.  I was a little concerned the bed would collapse once she landed, but it didn’t.  She stayed up there all night and managed to take up most of the bed.  Bill wasn’t even brave enough to kick her off the bed when he came home.  She scares everyone.  But at least it was some exercise for her, our stairs are pretty steep and there are 17 of them.  She is still up there.
So today Bill doesn’t have to be in to work until 5 pm so we at least get him until 4pm.  Which will be really nice!.  I wanted to have the errand running at a minimum, but we have to go and get groceries.  I literally have nothing to eat.  So I see a wal-mart run in our immediate future. The boys have speech this morning so I hope to be able to use the 30 minutes they are gone to figure out how to use that silly ball thing and not kill myself.  It came with a 20 minute workout dvd, so I think I’ll give it a try.  As long as I don’t need to use my arms I’ll be okay.  They still feel like they are going to fall off.  Nothing else really hurts, which is really surprising.  But there is a good chance it just hasn’t hit me yet 🙂 I’ll do the 20 minute thing anyway.  It may actually be better to use the ball when the boys aren’t here. 
Okay so with the smoking/not smoking thing, I think I doing pretty good, other than I cheated again this morning and had about 3 drags off a real cigarette when I took Sam out.  I know I should just grab the e-cig and take that out with me, but Sam is pretty frisky in the morning and I don’t want to end up with that liquid nicotine in my mouth. because she jerked me and it tipped.  I could just not take anything outside except her, but I get bored really easily.  But Still from 5 down to 2 in two days is pretty good, I think.  I would like to be off everything by my birthday, but I am not holding my breath.  If Bill doesn’t quit that is going to be a big issue. 
Still not sure about what to do for his birthday.  He actually works on his birthday, so we will have to do whatever it is on Friday or Saturday.  So far it appears as though he will be off work those days, but you just never know.  I did convince Bill’s mom to at least try my e-cig, and she said if she likes it, she will get a kit.  I really want his parents to switch. I really would like them to quit, but the odds of them quitting are about the same as monkeys flying out of my butt and fixing the roof this week 🙂  Speaking of which, Bill will be talking to the roofers today so hopefully we’ll have a start date nailed down.  Surely the replicated pieces are done by now 🙂 We just need 5 days of clear weather with temperatures 40 degrees or above. 
Sam is getting better with mama, or maybe its that mama is really just ignoring Sam better, not really sure.
Either way there was alot less blood.
Today I am going to try not to smoke any more regular cigarettes.  I still haven’t had to charge my battery yet, I am impressed 🙂  its on the same original charge from Saturday.  I need to go and get busy.
And Remember,  Shop Smart.

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