>Day 5 Of the Stop smoking Saga , Zumba & Zuma

>Alrighty then welcome to Day 5 of the stop smoking saga.  Yesterday I did alot better, back down to 1 1/2 real cigs, seems like I do alot better when Bill is not around.  Still am not using the thing constantly, only having one or two puffs at a time.  The real test will start tomorrow, when Bill is off work. I am going to try and go without any real cigarettes the rest of today.  Then no more of those!  Speaking of Mr. Bill, its his birthday.  Yesterday the boys and I went out to get his cards and a present.  The boys picked out the card they wanted and the present.  And they paid with their own money. Apparently, that was the hardest thing they have ever done, Aden just doesn’t like parting with his money lol.  The card was cute, and for the present, they chose a nifty little safety orange colored ice cream scoop.  I think from now on I will let them pick out the presents we get for Bill.  He loves ice cream and we didn’t have an ice cream scoop before this morning.  I know, that’s a bit retarded, but I just never remembered we needed one while at a store.  I only seemed to remember when trying to scoop out ice cream with a spoon.  Which does work, its just a pain.  So Bill was happy.  We will make him Devils food cupcakes with chocolate icing later today.  We are hopeful that he will be home before 9 pm.  Tomorrow, I will make Chicken Marsala, Garlic rolls and Italian green beans with tomatoes.  The green beans are the very last  from our garden last year.  I think I have done a marvelous job hoarding them :). 
Yesterday, I didn’t feel like doing Pilate’s or yoga or Tae bo.  So I took a look around online and found some of the beginner Zumba videos on YouTube.  I am freakin’ hooked!  I loved it!  Aden and I moved the table in the dining room and we did Zumba for about 40 minutes, Aden just loved it, but then like his mama, he does love to dance.  Evan mostly wrestled the dog and ran around screaming like a banshee.  Then in the afternoon, we walked down to the store for Bill’s stuff.  its not a long walk, only about 6 blocks and all downhill until you want to get back to the house:)  About 2 blocks from the house on the way home, Aden stopped turned around to look at me and said, “I was really wrong”.  I asked him about what and he said, “Five year old kids do get tired,  my legs are all jiggly”.  He had told me before while we were doing Zumba that Five year olds don’t ever get tired, especially him, because he is so strong”.  I did understand the jiggly legs, my legs felt like jello too.  But it was still fun. 
Aden just had to show Bill the video we were doing yesterday, Bill wanted to know if he could watch.  I told him, perhaps in a few weeks 🙂  So pretty much, I can just go ahead and get whatever I want to do the Zumba.   So I got a Dvd from Ebay:)  should be here by Monday 🙂 
My beautiful sister-in-law in Germany, sent me this invite to play a game on facebook.  We had been playing Bejeweled Blitz, which I just love, but she sent an invite to a different game.  I think I should be very mad at her.  The new game is Zuma Blitz.  I am so addicted it is a wonder I get any sleep at all.  I actually got up the other morning at 3:30am and was playing it.  That is sad and very pathetic.  I have no life.  Another issue with the game, Aden likes it too.  Now that he has figured out how to work the computer and find what he wants, he does.  I caught him yesterday on facebook, playing bejeweled.  He was playing that because he couldn’t find the Zuma, it was to far down on my apps list.  I am so screwed when he really learns how to read well.  I should have logged completely out of facebook instead of just closing the window.  Thats just one more thing to remember, Aden is sneaky. Lock Down the Computer!.
But I still love the Zuma game & Zumba!!!!  Speaking of which, I think I’ll go and do that now 🙂


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