>Day 9 of Stopping Smoking

>Last night we had some fairly exciting Midwest style weather 🙂  Lots of wind, a bit of heavy rain, 90 degree (Fahrenheit) temperatures, and hail.  I just love it here.  The bad part of storm, with the hail, didn’t last all that long, maybe 10-15 minutes, but the boys were completely freaked out.  The hail was anywhere from pea size to about the size of a peach pit.  The boys thought I was lying to them when I told them it was going hail.  It had been raining on and off and then the rain just stopped.  If you’ve ever experienced a good spring or summer storm in the Midwest, you are probably familiar with the lovely green tint everything gets, right before it gets really bad 🙂  Aden said, see it stopped, no more storm.  I said, just wait a minute.  So while, Aden and Evan argued about whether or not I was lying, I was trying to get them to look out the window.  You could see the black clouds rolling in.  I didn’t have to wait long though.  Mother Nature decided to announce the storm for me, with a lightening strike loud enough to rattle the windows and send the boys and Sam running for safety under the table.  Then the hail started.  It was pretty cool.  I haven’t seen hail bounce that high in a few years.  They wanted to call Daddy.  What did they think he was going to do??  But he did call us, to warn us of the approaching storm. Alrighty, thanks then, a bit late, but it is the thought, I guess.   I could barely hear him, because the wind was blowing so hard and my wind chimes were going crazy.  I wonder if the neighbors find that annoying???  Anyway, I enjoyed the storm.
So I went all day yesterday without a real cigarette.  I did change the cartridge and switched to the 18mg Tobacco flavor and I recharged the battery.
I was pretty sure the tobacco flavor was going to suck.  It actually doesn’t.  I don’t think it tastes like tobacco exactly, but I am not sure what it tastes like.  But it isn’t bad at all.
I saw that the South Beach smoke is offering the same kit I got for $30, for $20.  Well that just sucks lol.  I did tell Bill, but I think he has changed his mind or maybe he just didn’t feel like discussing it this morning.   Whatever, he still isn’t getting mine.
It doesn’t look like the weather is going to cooperate this week as far as the roof goes.  Now it looks like Tuesday won’t be bad, but rain & storms through  the rest of the week.  I wonder if the roof is going to be one of those things, that if I want it done, I will have to do it myself??  I hope not, thats way more work than I want to do. 
Today the boys want to do Tae Bo, I guess we could do that, for a little while then I can switch to Zumba.  I am completely convinced that I am now officially addicted.
There could be worse things.
I can no longer avoid seeing my doctor.  He has started calling himself and leaving messages that I need to come in and see him.  But I just don’t want to.  I am so sick of being poked and prodded, I can’t even stand to think about it.  But I guess I should go. 
I should get off of here and get busy.  The house is a disgusting pit.  I  swear I vacuum at least twice a day and you would never know.  Same with dusting.  The place looks like it hasn’t been dusting in about 100 years, but it was dusted yesterday.  Oh well, its not like I have anything else to do 🙂


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