>Allergies, Gravy, Vacation and Contractors Galore

>There is alot of sniffling going on.  Snot galore.  Aden has perfected the Sinus Salute.  That’s where he pushes his nose up with his hand. Not sure if he thinks that will push the snot back in or what.
But, its not just Aden, we all seem to be suffering.  I just love pollen. 
Nana & Papa are heading down to the lake for vacation and have decided that they want to take Aden with them.  I wish they would take Evan too, but the both of them together are way to much for Nana to handle for a week.  Evan is still in full maniac mode.  But, if I can figure out how to control Aden’s allergies by tomorrow afternoon, I guess I will let him go.  Its good for the boys to have time apart.  There is alot less fighting when they are separated lol.
Gracie has been bringing the kitten, Gravy to the door several times a day and during the night as well.  She cries, then he cries.  I think she may be biting him to make him cry.  She wants us to let Gravy in.  I don’t think so.  Mama did that to us, twice.  First when she dropped off Gracie & Monkey, and then again when she brought Dart.  I am not taking care of the baby for her.  She stole it, she can take care of it.  I have my own babies to take care of.

The roofer did in fact show up yesterday.  So the final contact was signed, the colors picked out, the shingles selected.  We are just not clever enough to come up with the typical seven colors used on Victorian houses.  We did pick out four.  That’s about as gaudy as I can get. 
But, and there always is a but, we can’t start the roof until the porch columns are leveled back out.  I wanted to know why that wasn’t brought up last year when we were getting the estimates for the roof and was told that they have settled alot more since then and will have to be fixed first, before we rebuild the roof.  If we don’t, then it will be a waste of time doing the roof, because if we try and jack up the porch roof later, it will damage the roof.  Lovely, just flippin’ lovely. So I spent yesterday trying to track down companies that do mud jacking.  My first estimate is at 11 this morning.  I have a total of 6 companies coming out.  Bill was impressed.  Why I don’t know, maybe  its because I have no problem just calling people.  He doesn’t like the phone very much, and I am pretty sure if I left it up to him, we’d be waiting till next May before we saw any contractors :).  He’s really not that bad, but he does really hate calling people :).
The good thing about mud jacking is that it can be done in any weather, so we won’t be stuck waiting until it’s nice to get it done.  The only issue we may run into is the fact that the columns are set on top of bricks.  But, I guess we’ll find out soon enough.  I only hope that this doesn’t run through the  budget have set for the rest of the outside work.  Like the fence.  I really, really need that fence.  Sam has slipped her collar 2 days in a row. I am very tired of chasing her.  The collar is as tight as I can get it. 

As far as Aden making the 3-4 hour trip, I can’t decide what to do about his car sickness.  The pediatrician said Dramamine was fine to give him. But, I looked up the dosage and that is about what a dose of Benedryl is for him.  Maybe I’ll save the money on the Dramamine and just give him a dose of benedryl.  Its the same active ingredient.  I’ll have to call his doctor to see for sure, since he is taking claritin as well.  I know that when my allergies get really bad I can take both.  But then I’m alot bigger 🙂

Whatever, I am sure it will work out fine. 

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