>Monday, Masons, Evan’s Iris Issue & Contractors

>Did you know that contractors make so much money, they don’t have to return calls?  Or show up for scheduled appointments?  I need a career change.  Out of 6 contractors I made appointments with to come and look at the porch, one showed up.  That’s right one.  And he stayed for all of 30 seconds.  I am getting very tempted to just call the Vo-tech and see if the Masonry teacher needs a project for his students.  I am betting they would show up.  It would probably take 2 years to get the job done, but at least they would show up!
I’ll call more Masons today and see what I can do.  I’ll stop complaining about that, for now.
Evan picked out some Midnight blue Irises.  They came in the mail Saturday.  He really wants to plant them.  Problem is, where can we plant them???  I wanted to put them in the front, along the front porch, but that isn’t going to work.  I guess we are going to have to pot them for now, that way we can at least keep them from being trampled.
Today, Evan and I will attempt to transplant some of the yarrow, just to insure some of it survives.  But, we’ll wait till this afternoon.  This morning we have inside chores to do.  He was so helpful yesterday!  Helped me with the laundry, dusting & even picked up his room without me asking! 

Tomorrow I have my last followup from the surgery, hopefully! I still haven’t completely regained feeling in my right thigh, but its not a big area so I imagine its not life threatening lol.  I am feeling pretty good overall, rarely any pain around in incision and the pain up where my gallbladder was is pretty much gone, only a twinge now and then.  So we’ll see what he says tomorrow.
The smoking thing is pretty much the same.  I still occasionally cheat with a real cigarette, but that seems to be only when Bill is around and then only a puff or two.  But I am really not using the e-cig all that much, which is pretty weird I think.  I use it more in the evening after Evan goes to bed.  Bill ordered more cartridges.  I am not sure why.  I still have 3  1/2 left. Maybe he got them for himself.  I hope so 🙂
Anyway, sitting here on my ass isn’t getting anything done and I do need to get to the post office this morning and do some Zumba!
See ya.

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