>Mama Goes for a Ride!

>I need to set up cameras all over the house, just to record the weird crap that goes on here.  Once again, something worth recording happens and I have no idea where the camera is.
Yesterday afternoon, Mama Cat was lounging on the couch when Sam decided she needed to go sniff her.  I am still not sure what the sniffing is about, but apparently it needs to be done often.  Sam tried to sneak up on Mama.  Have I mentioned that Sam may not be the smartest dog in the world?  I certainly wouldn’t try and sneak up on a cat that kicks my ass every other day, but then, I think I am smarter than this dog.
So, Sam slinks up to the edge of the couch and proceeds to try and stick her nose up Mama’s butt.  As I am sure you guessed, this did not go as planned.  It took me a while to process what I saw, because it was just so….odd.
I had no idea Mama could move that fast anymore.  She rarely moves at all.  But, she jumped up on to Sam’s back and stayed there.  Sam of course panicked.  I would too if a 30 pound cat jumped on me and was hanging on with her claws.  Sam was running in circles, trying to get her off and Mama, who I think was laughing, kept hissing and swatting at Sam’s head.  The boys were screaming, “she’s killing Sammi”, “help her”, and a bunch of other really helpful phrases.  To be completely honest, I did not want to be involved.  I was thinking about calling animal control to come and separate them.  Mama scares me.  She had a free set of claws, I did not want to be mauled.  But, Sam wasn’t having much luck dislodging her.  I finally decided to try and rescue the dog.  But she wouldn’t hold still. No that I blame her, I am sure it hurt.  Finally, I convinced the boys to come and help me hold Sam still, while I got Mama’s claws out of her back.  Mama did not want to let go.  Finally, we go Mama off and she walked around in a circle and hissed at us, then sat down and proceeded to lick her butt.  Sam ran upstairs and hid in the bathroom.  I think the whole thing maybe took about 3-4 minutes but it seemed like an hour.  Sam is fine now, just a few holes, and nothing a little neosporin & peroxide won’t fix.  The boys are traumatized and none of them wanted to brush Mama later. They didn’t want to even be on the same side of couch as her.  That’s too bad really, because its not about what everyone else wants, its about Mama.  When she wanted some attention, she just went and flopped down on whoever it was she wanted to pet her.  Everyone obeyed.
Aden has finally stopped puking.  It must have been some quick stomach bug they picked on vacation, because I heard that Nana was sick yesterday too.  But Aden was fine by mid-afternoon yesterday.  Evan however, started puking about 3 am.  So we’ve been up since then. No fevers so hopefully this will blow through the house quickly.  Because I am sure we will all get it.

The porch guys should be here in an hour or so.  They are planning on completely destroying my side yard.  The process was explained to me, but, I lost interest about half-way through.  Something about they are going to dig down and put in concrete supports or something and attach permanent jacks that will go underground to the bottoms of the columns.  Something like that.  That will be after they jackhammer up the sidewalk.  My neighbors are gonna love us!!!  Especially since there is no school today, and I imagine several people thought they might be able to sleep in. HA HA

What else? Oh yeah, Passover begins at sundown today.  Yippie! No really Yippie 🙂
I love passover.  But then any holiday that insists that you drink copious amounts of wine with dinner, is wonderful in my book 🙂
We are going to have to do the dinner on Friday, because of everyone’s schedules.
I have the lovely mammogram on Friday, so I am sure I’ll be in a wonderful mood.  Good thing there will be wine 🙂
Tomorrow morning I head back to the doctor to see if he can sew me back together or if I need to go to a specialist.  I’m thinking super glue, lots of really expensive, super glue.  Why wouldn’t that work???

Anyway, I should go and start the stinky, puke covered laundry,  I know, sounds fun.
The pier guys should be here by 8 am, permits have been pulled, utilities marked off, contracts signed and checks written (that was difficult). 


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