>ZUMBA, Osama bin Laden & Complaints


Excuse the video being at the top of this page.  I admit I am an idiot and can’t figure out how to get it where I want to in the post. So, Ignore it for now, we’ll get back to it.  But, rest assured, there is a very good reason for it.

Because I am a bit slow on the uptake, and don’t watch TV in the evening, I didn’t hear about Osama bin Laden till this morning.  Thanks to Facebook, I am pretty well informed now.  Okay, so now I have to think about what that means to me…  Still thinking…this may take a few minutes…I’ll get back to you.
You may have noticed a change on the blog, no more ads.  I think it will be better.  I was starting to focus and write, with the mind set that, this or that certain group would need to be happy with my blog.  That’s just not right.  I am very upset with myself for getting sucked in.
I really, truly, don’t give a flying fuck.  I’m going to go back to my therapy blog:) So, with that in mind, let’s talk about the house first.
Today, the materials get delivered.  *dancing around giggling* I love seeing building materials piled up.  It means that someone is actually going to do something and we can stop talking about it.  Tomorrow, the roofers show up.  Even better.  Bill is off this Tuesday and Wednesday, because he has to work all weekend.  But at least he will be here for some of it.  Oh and speaking of my dear husband.  His nailers will be delivered tomorrow too.  I thought that he spent $170.00 but had a $100.00 gift card, so they were only $70.00.  Apparently, there is a reason why that just didn’t sound right to me.  The total bill was $270.00. So that means it was $170.00. OMG  His toys are really fucking expensive.  For two Nail guns and some shims.  Shims!!!  In case you are not familiar with what a shim is, its a little piece of wood or MDF, pretty much in my opinion, scraps.  Okay, I’ll calm down.  The nailers will make alot of things easier for him.  I should just chill out.  But still, $170???
Anyway, that fence better fly up.  Same thing with the porch, closets, stairs, yada, yada, yada.
Next, on my bitch list.  My children.  They are insane.  Absolute maniacs.  I am not joking.  Its starting to get on my half a nerve.  The other half ran off screaming in terror.  I know they are boys, I get that, but really, is the yelling necessary?  Is being rough with the dog necessary?  Is climbing up the cabinets really necessary? If you are going to get into stuff, you know you are supposed to stay away from, I have step stools.  There is a ladder right in the kitchen.  Why use the silverware drawer as a step, so you can get into my secret, or used to be secret chocolate stash??  Why o’why. 
My next bitch is Listia, which is a site where you trade things, free stuff.  I like free.  It’s my all time favorite price to pay for anything.  But, it seems that lately, people are listing stuff, I win it, and they don’t ship it.  Why are they fucking with me?  I have been getting alot flowers  and knitting patterns and stuff, well, I am trying to get them.  I plan on getting a good amount of landscaping done as soon as the roof is done, I used listia to get alot of the flowers and plants that I like.  So, were are they?  Why aren’t they at my house?  Its getting old.  I don’t want to give the impression that Listia as a whole is bad or anything, it seems to be new people who are doing this stuff.  Anyway, it annoys me.
Next, I have alot today it seems.  Those ads were holding me back…
Another thing that gets on my nerves is yesterday we were doing Zumba, and Aden usually dances around me while I do it.  Evan mostly wrestles the dog. So anyway, Evan comes up and starts saying, “why are you wiggling your butt like that?”  Aden of course has to chime in with, “Mommy isn’t doing it right, the other lady does it better”. No shit little buddy.  the “other lady” looks to be at least 20 years younger than your mommy and well she has a butt to wiggle” So sorry.  Maybe I should go to classes.  Then at least I wouldn’t have to be criticized by  preschoolers.

So, head back up the top and check out the video.  Fast forward if you want, we did the whole 9 + minutes of that one.  Where the boys started really getting critical is the 2nd song.  You’ll see that it looks like they are done and the girl is tying her shoe, keep watching, she starts dancing again.  Now a few little points here.  None of the moves are all that difficult.  But,  I am starting to believe that even while I can physically do all of the moves she does, the effect is just not going to be the same.  hot  20 something Latin chic.or an almost forty white chic with no ass.  See what I mean.  On YouTube there were alot of people making fun of the chic in pink.  She’s actually pretty good.  She would look alot better doing it, if she was not dancing next to the other chic.  But, regardless, its fun and addicting and I will so keep doing it 🙂 But, I am thinking alot about butt implants 🙂 I have also discovered that I like Shakira. I had no idea.

Okay, I have thought about Osama.. here we go.
I’m glad they got him.  But, I seriously doubt it will mean Al Qada is just going to throw up their hands and give up.  It just doesn’t work that way.  Now, I believe that they may fight more.  With Bin Laden dead, they will see him as a martyr, not really something you want to give this particular group. They don’t fear death.  It gives them just one more reason to hate the west.  I am sure I will have more to say on the subject later, but not right now:) For now I am off to get my chores started so I can Zumab for a little while, maybe if I don’t turn the music up very loud the boys won’t notice.  But, its so much more fun if I turn it up Really loud.:)

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