>Construction Begins!!

>Today’s the big day!!! the roofers should be here in about 2 1/2 hours to start tearing off the old sofits  and fascia.  We had a bit of an issue with material deliveries yesterday.  About 11 am, Chris called, and told me that they would not be delivering.  He will bring materials out with him today and the rest would be here Tuesday.  Fine, whatever, as long as they get here.  He did say that the crew would be here at 9 am and he would be here within an hour of them.  Wonderful, just as long as everyone gets here and starts working.  I like that he has called just about every day, since we signed the contract and handed him a check.  Oh don’t worry, we are aren’t complete idiots, the check was only about 10%, the rest due at completion. Totally fair. I like it when things keep moving. 
Yesterday evening proved to be a bit trying.  Several of the neighborhood kids have decided that they like playing next door.  Around the house that is scheduled to torn down.  I have no problem with them playing in the yard or on the old garage foundation, but that house is not safe at all.  A couple of the kids were only 3  or 4 years old, they were hanging out with their older sisters, but the other kids were 8, 9, 10 & 11 years old.  I remember quite well what it was like at that age and I can see the appeal of the old house and all the ‘treasures’ that are in the yard.  I was watching them while the boys took baths last night and they had found some old tools and it looked like they were trying to build something with some wood that had fallen off the house.  I did see them try and go into the house a couple of times and after the 2nd time of warning them not to.  I went out, after the boys were settled in bed, and explained why they shouldn’t.  I am sure they could see the roof was caving in, but they didn’t like hearing about the floor caving in.  Mentioning that the basement is full of water and who knows what else, really worked on the girls, the boys just looked intrigued. lol  I think I kept watching them because I was a little bit jealous.  I remember finding an old abandoned farm house when I about 10 or 11, and a friend and I used to go over and play around it.  We never quite got our courage up to actually go in more than a few feet, but we had a ton of great adventures:)
The kids promised not to go in.  I promised not to tell their parents as long as they stayed out of the house, and they keep the little kids from running over my new garden πŸ™‚  It was a good deal.  I almost hope they leave the house a little longer.  The kids are having so much fun and the garage is set back near the alley, so its pretty safe for them to play up there.  They have found some really cool stuff.  A few of the old glass 2 liter bottles, looks like Coke.  Several old wire egg baskets, an Adirondack chair, some really neat looking wooden candle holders.  Hell at this rate they can open up an antique store πŸ™‚

Okay so it’s now 9:12 am.  Are the roofer’s here?  No.  I have this little thing with people being late.  I figure if you say you are going to be someplace at a certain time.  Be there.  Or say a later time and be early. 
Alrighty, I have my 40 minutes of freedom.  The boys are on the bus, and yet, the only creatures on my roof are pigeons….hmmm.
They better show up soon, or I may start throwing a tantrum.
Okay, I’ll just wait and blog later.  I think I will get up and pace for a while πŸ™‚

Alrighty they showed up just before 10am.  I thought I would be a bit upset with them being late, but damn!  I have not 1, not 2, not even 3 but 4 frickin’ carpenters, working their collective butts off.  So far they are worth every penny.  I wonder if I can get them to come inside an bust out a few little projects inside:)  They have made great time with the tear off.  The first floor is all off and the second has just been started.  Chris arrived with the materials to start rebuilding.  This is really moving along.  I love it!!!!!
At this rate, and if the weather holds, I can really see the actual roof getting put on in the next few days.  Awesome, awesome, awesome.  And with only one small change, that no one will really notice and doesn’t change the cost at all.

I’ll post more developments as they happen.  I am going to try and get outside and get a few pictures with the woodwork off.  I just hope I don’t get any thing dropped on  my head  πŸ™‚


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