>Day 3 of Rebuild and the Headaches Begin

>Day two started off good.  Except for Sam making an escape and being gone for almost 5 hours.  I was not a happy camper.  On Day one, I kept her shut up in the boys room, so she wouldn’t get, we had extension cords running out the doors, and I just knew she would get out.  Day 2, I figured out how to run the cords threw one of the windows, so I let her stay downstairs.  She really doesn’t like to be alone.  When we go in or out of the house, the rule is, the door must be locked!  Sam can’t get out of a locked door.  She can however bang up against a shut door and pop it open.  Everything in the house is old.  Anyway, Bill knows this rule.  Well, He was going over some paperwork with Chris and they came inside to do whatever it was and didn’t lock the door behind them.  Sam apparently took her chance. I thought I would let her run it off a little while and she’s be back.  Not this time.  So about noon, I contacted Animal control to let her know that Sam had made her escape and was who knows where, doing who knows what.  Right after I sent the message, a truck pulls up with a big delivery and guess who shows up.  Ms. Nosy had to to see what was going on with the forklifts.  I was able to catch her and get her inside.  Maybe it was the truck showing up, maybe it was as Aden calls it, me “calling the animal police”. Either way she was back, and I made sure to keep the doors locked.
The guys made good headway.  Most of the framing is now done, some of the sofits, a little of the fascia and some of the crown molding.  This is where is headaches begin.
I love my husband, I do, I do, but sometimes, he can be a little bit difficult.  He was not happy that they guys didn’t use a plum line.  So unhappy in fact, that when he saw they weren’t using one, he ran out and bought some masonry line for them. 
He is a perfectionist.  Its one of those qualities that I love about him.  He holds himself to, in my mind, a pretty unrealistic standard.  So, when he does something, especially to the house, its done right, the first time, even if it take forever 🙂
So, He is not very happy with how things are looking.  Let me see if I can give you the list of things that he finds wrong, so far.
Okay so the sofits are a little lower than they used to be. This means that the quarter round partially covers some of the dots on the gingerbread.
Nothing is straight. Please remember these are his complaints. The Crown molding is also a little smaller than the old one.  And then something about the drip edge for the roof, he said it will look retarded with the crown that small.  Personally, I don’t see it, but then, I have half lost with what it is they are doing anyway.  I think it looks good.  And a hell of a lot better than it did.  Another thing that is pissing him off is the cost of the corbels.  $40 each.  Holy F’in poo people.  We 28 corbels. That’s about $1120.  OMG.  We are having them done in PVC, so that hopefully, no one will ever have to deal with issues of them rotting, after another 122 years.  So far, only one has came down intact. The rest just disintegrated when they touched them.
So back to Bill’s issues.  The house is old, nothing is level, nothing is plum, nothing is straight.  Nothing.  I don’t see how it could ever be again, unless someone completely took the house apart and rebuilt it.
But, because I am the dutiful wife, I will relay his concerns to the contractor.  I wrote down what he said, word for word, so nothing will be lost in the relay.  But, this is one of those instances in which, I will keep quiet and nod and smile alot.  After 12 years, I have figured out which battles are not worth the effort to fight:)
The guys worked till dark last night.  Right now its raining.  Thunderstorms are expected today. With of course hail & gusting winds.  I hope not.
I’ll get some pictures of a little later of what has been done so far 🙂


One thought on “>Day 3 of Rebuild and the Headaches Begin

  1. >Yes men are fun. Always have to pick your battles. I'm doing the same over here with the houses we are looking at. I've only really looked at 2 but have driven by so many I don't even know. Just wow! Anyway good luck to you guys! I hope they get it just how he wants it!

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