>Day 3 of the Rebuild, Still have a Headache from Yesterday

>So, Mother Nature and the Home Improvement Store Gods decided to fuck with us yesterday.
It Stormed. Rain, Hail and gusty winds.  The guys ran out of material at lunch time.  Menards ran out of what we needed and so they didn’t deliver.  Chris, spent the day going to every home improvement store in the Greater KC area looking for the stuff.  Apparently there was a run on it and everyone and their brother is out.  So, I have no idea if anyone is going to show up today.  Lovely.  The forecast looks like crap for next week, that is very sucky.
Oh, and just to top off my wonderful day, full of Evan having some sort of Screaming & whining fest, I got the results of the mammogram.
Obviously, if the results we that everything was fine, I wouldn’t have bothered to even mention it.  So, as you guessed, the results are not fine.  I got to letters.  One from the hospital, saying that they forwarded the test results to my doctor and based on their findings they have recommended further testing to validate the results.  The next letter was from my doctor’s office, stating that I need to make an appointment immediately to go over the results.  It also said that I really should not fail to make this very important appointment.  alrighty folks, thanks for the free freak out.  I made the appointment, I go in Saturday morning.  So I don’t get to do the D.O.V.E.s Walk/run, which I was really looking forward to.  They really should rethink the wording on their little ‘your test results are wonky’ letter.  The wording gives you the impression that death is imminent.  Which it probably isn’t, but still.
So, I’ll go and see what he wants to do next.  My luck it will involve needles, I am pretty sick of needles.  Maybe it will involve a nap.  I really like naps.
Whatever, no point in freaking out or worrying about it till I hear what the Dr. Has to say.  It may be that its just nothing.  I have other things to freak out about right now. Like where is my materials?  Where are my carpenters?  What did I do to piss Mother Nature off?
I guess while I wait, I can browse through my new Spring Hill Catalogue and pick out a ton of way to expensive plants that Bill will definitely not let me buy 🙂  But its still fun to look:)


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