The End of the First Week

So, the very first week has come to a close.  The soffits and fascia are mostly done.  Tons of screw ups and missing deliveries, let to a lot of miscommunication.  The carpentry crew, gave up on Saturday after completing all they could.  They ran out of materials,  again. Oh and did I mention that they won’t be back for 7-10 days.  They have another job booked.  Nice.

All of this just makes me think about one of my favorite movies.

I am so Living this movie!  Except that Bill is a lot more handy than Tom Hanks lol.  But, when asked, how long something will take, the normal response is, “Two Weeks”. 

Anyway, the roofer said he would be back Monday.  Hopefully its with a crew of about 10 guys so they can bang out the roof, before the storms start rolling in on Wednesday.  From Wednesday on, the weather looks like it will be all storms.  What did I do to piss off Mother Nature? 

Anyway, moving on.

Since we can’t have anything nice, Evan had to try a little demolition himself.  Friday night, after dinner, Evan and Aden decided to run around in their room, instead of cleaning it up. Bill and I heard, the pounding of feet across the floor a bang, giggling followed by another pounding of little feet, a bang and then the tinkling of glass.  Even though Aden hit the window first and it didn’t break, when Evan did it, he shattered the glass.  Apparently, I can’t even let them play in their room unattended.  Evan is fine.  A little cut up on his hands, but otherwise fine.  traumatized a bit because Bill got up the stairs before I did, and I think Bill just about lost his mind.  I thought I was going to have heart failure.  I didn’t sleep at all that night, I kept seeing Evan going right out the window.  That he didn’t go through the screen too was nothing short of a little miracle.  It took Bill and I about an hour just to remove the bottom window.  And we can’t just go next door and get another window off the second floor.  There are no floors and we are pretty sure at this point, there isn’t anywhere on the first floor, that will support the weight of man and a ladder.  Oh well,  but I am seriously thinking about bars for the boys bedroom windows 🙂

So, I went to the doctor to discuss the results of the mammogram.  Not good.  Not necessarily bad, but still not anything I wanted to hear.  I will be going in Friday the 13th, for another test.  Those results will also take 7-10 days.  Great now I have even longer to worry and wonder.   So that’s that.

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