Hot, Hot, Hot

Oh what a week!!

I am not sure where to start.   So, let’s see….Yesterday was  Frickin’  hot!!!!!!  Monday was Frickin’ Hot.  Way to hot for me.  I don’t like the temperature to get over 75 degrees.  If it stayed around there I would be fine, as long as it got down into the 40’s at night.  95 frickin’ degrees is too much for my delicate little self:)  We didn’t have the window units put in, so we suffered.  Normally, we are good without A/C till around mid-June or sometimes even July.  So, it was a sit around with a little on as possible, with all the lights off, praying for a breeze, and thinking Winter thoughts.  I wasn’t all that successful.  About 6:30 pm, I thought I would have my little 4 ounce glass of wine, it was a very crisp white, it sounded like it would be refreshing.  Nope, 3 sips and I knew for certain, it was entirely too hot for wine.  Ice cold beer would have been nice, but, that would be 12 ounces of a carbonated beverage, and I really can’t do carbonated yet.  I could have let the beer go flat before drinking it.  But, to me that is like drinking nonalcoholic beer, or decaffeinated coffee.  Why bother really?  Beer, should be fizzy and very cold.  Unless of course it’s not beer and its an ale, the room temp is fine.  But here, getting the ales I really like are pretty expensive, and well, I have a some major remodeling that is taking up the majority of our funds:)  So, when Bill gets beer its cheap and cold.  Not like Milwaukee’s Best or Busch cheap, but more around the Kansas City Boulevard Ales and Shiners.  I think they call those Ales, but they are more like beer to me.  Not really dark or stout enough to be an ale. Still tasty, don’t get me wrong.  Anyway, I am not sure why I just got all caught up in talking about beer.  I just get sidetracked very easily:)  Oo something shiny….

Anyway, no one showed up to work on the roof or the gutters at all yesterday.  In fact, no one called either.  That kinds irritates me.  Today, tonight and tomorrow morning we are supposed to get some pretty good storms, rolling through.  The tarps that where covering some of the materials have blown off.  One is sitting next to the side of the house.  I know for a fact, if it rains hard, that area will turn into a small, fast flowing river.  Gotta love clay.  So, I thought about going and moving the wood.  That would be the nice thing to do, Right?  I don’t think the guys were looking at where they were stacking it.  But, since I am irritated with them, and more than a little passive aggressive, I am thinking I won’t move it.  Then they will show up and their wood will be warped and soaking wet.  I told Bill.  He said that technically, the materials aren’t really our problem, if they get destroyed, they will have to replace them, out of their pocket.  But, then, since everything was special order, we may have to wait even longer to get this roof done.  I really don’t like being sensible, when I really want to be petty.  But, I suppose I will have to.  If I can.  Some of those boards are 12 foot long.  Hmm We’ll see, I am certainly not going out and hurting myself, for the sake of saving a few boards…. Whatever, I end up doing, the newest scheduled date for the tear off is Thursday.  Sure, its supposed to rain on and off most of the week.

Let’s see what other outstanding news do I have…… The kids are still maniacs.  Mama Cat kicked Sam’s ass last night.  Once again, it was an unprovoked attack.  Sam got off easy.  She was only a little bloody.  Mama of course was fine.  For some reason though, every time she beats on Sam, her butt must get very dirty, because immediately after she attacks Sam, she sticks her leg up and cleans her butt.  What is up with that?? 

Anyway, I am off to call the Police, non-emergency.  We have had someone scoping out the materials in our yard this morning.  Great.  I’m off.

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