Mother Nature Wins Again!

Well, Monkey Poo!  Its going to rain, again.  The forecast is calling for rain, pretty much from today till next Wednesday.  The roofers didn’t show up yesterday.  It was a very beautiful day.  Bill is a little irritated.  When the contractor did show up Monday, he started working on the roof, by himself.  The result..a very small area, torn off, decked, covered with the all-weather sealer or whatever it is.  But, if you go into my attic and look up where he was working, I can see several little points of light.  Holes. Nail Holes in my roof.  I have enough holes in the roof.  That is why we are getting it done in the first place.  I really don’t want to have to deal with the roof leaking like a colander when it starts to rain.  I only have so many buckets. So, when he called today, and began trying to explain why 30 guys would not be showing up at my house, I had him call Bill. 

I guess I’ll go up in the attic, which I seriously dislike, and see what I can rig with some plastic sheeting and strategically placed buckets.  I can get pretty creative when I need to.  I just would rather do that, than have the ceiling fall in on our heads while we are sleeping.  The ceilings are still Plaster. 

Got the results on the last mammogram & ultrasound.  The boobies are fine.  It appears to be scar tissue.  Not a real shocker.  I excel at producing scar tissue.  Just another of my many talents:)

That pretty much it.  I don’t really have any issues other than the roof.  I am on the last True Blood book and I must say, I am liking it.  Very happy so far with how things are panning out with Sookie & everyone.  I hope the author writes more books 🙂

My spinach, peas, basil and chives are coming up nicely, as well as a few of the Sweet Williams I planted.  But, the frost seems to have killed the green beans.  Bill took that pretty well, he said he wanted to plant more of the yellow wax beans anyway, since they were so hardy last year.  They held up very well to several pretty major hail storms.

So, that’s that. We’ll get more planted this weekend.  I am done waiting on the roofers.  I have things to do and I am tired of waiting on everyone else to get their things done.  I will plant my 200 lavender seeds, 100 cleome and all of the morning glories and moon flowers.  I might even be in the mood to get my tomatoes started.


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