Rain, Rain Go AWAY

Well, it is raining, again. Figures.  So, that means, no one will show up to work on the roof, gutters, soffits or fascia.  Wonderful.  Meanwhile, I am stuck in the house to two very bored children.  I would take them out and just let them play in the rain, except there is thunder and lightning, so I imagine that isn’t the best of ideas.

So, we will sit, sit, sit, and we will not like it, not one little bit.

Okay, so I wish we would sit, but that is not going to happen.  Evan will start harassing the Dog, She will get all excited and start messing with Mama Cat.  Who will, in turn, start assaulting the dog.  There is about a 70% chance of blood today.  Did you know Tide with Bleach will remove blood stains?  Just thought I should share.  Maybe I should close Mama up in the laundry room so she won’t get annoyed and mangle the dog?  Maybe I should go on a tropical vacation with lots of fruity drinks and men with an awesome tan and a nice accent?  Fat Chance.

Anyway, other than the lack of work being done on the house, no much to tell.  I finished books 1-10 of the True Blood/Sookie Stackhouse series.  Very good overall.  I just wish I had book 11:)  So, being done with that, I am checking out R.A. Salvatore & is son’s trilogy, which will probably turn out to be better for the boys to read in a few years.  But, Drizzit makes an appearance so I’ll read them anyway.  I also have some Terry Pratchett, to get me through till the next library run. 

It is supposed to rain, pretty much through next Wednesday.  But, supposedly someone will be working on the roof Saturday.  It is supposed to rain then too. 

I have no doctor’s appointments in my immediate future, so that is a wonderful thing.

Other than that, can’t wait till Tomorrow.  Bill will be home Friday & Saturday.

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