Shopping Even I can Like:)

I hate wasting my time, I am sure most people feel the same way.  I do most of my shopping online, with the exception of groceries.  I love to find the best price, but I hate having to have 4 or 5 browsers open, so I can compare prices.  I think that those days are finally over for me!  I was made aware of a website that seems to do all of the leg work for me.  Not only can I compare prices, but if I am looking for something that I would want to see in person, has a feature that will show me where I can purchase the product locally.  It even shows a map and store information.  Nice.

My husband does alot of his home improvement shopping online with a few of the major chains.  Our computer is not the fastest in the world and when you have several browsers open to very large websites, it takes forever to load and switch between pages.  He came in and saw me looking at some comforter sets and he wanted to look at nail guns. Typical, lol he is planning on building the wooden fence in about 2 weeks, and he wants another nail gun.  So, I let him sit down and see what he could find.  The results for just typing in ‘Nail Gun’ came up with 523 items.  All of them were nail guns.  A lot of sites don’t do that.   He loved that he could sort them by brand, price, user rating and store.  He loves checking ratings.   Once I was able to get him off the computer so I could go back to what I was searching for, which was wedding gifts, I found something I really love!. 

If you look at the top right hand corner of the home page for you will see a category called “Hot Products”.  Wow! I think that is word that sums it up best.  See, I really don’t know what I should be getting the happy couple for a wedding present, I don’t have any ideas at all.  Or rather, I didn’t.   Just by clicking on “Hot Products” brought up 15 items, that to be honest, I would not have thought about.  Now, granted, I don’t think I will be buying the happy couple a new bedroom set, but I had not even considered luggage, which I probably won’t get them either.  But, the camera, sonic toothbrush and table clothes are all in the running:)

Something else that I am starting to find helpful is the Shop or Research buttons.  You can also check out buying guides and has a coupon section!  I love coupons.   I can see that this will be a site we visit frequently, more than likely a few times a week!


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