We have Shingles!

I have been a bit lazy since last week, but I have a very good excuse.  The roofers did in fact arrive and finally got started on the tear off on Saturday.  They got an amazing amount done.  However, they didn’t get to the Flat roof (right in the middle of the top of the roof,  there is a hatch that you can use to get on the roof from the basement).  Saturday night, Mother Nature decided that she wanted to kick up her heels at bit.  And she did.  

The roofers stayed until about 5:30 pm,  they wanted to work until they had to quit.  It was quite easy to see the storm coming in and it looked alot like the opening seen from ‘ Something Wicked This Way Comes’.  The clouds were just rolling, more of a boil, really. Anyway, they took off about 15 minutes before the first Severe Thunderstorm warning was issued.  The Winds kicked up enough, that some of the plywood or MDF,  I think I am supposed to call it, started blowing around.  So did the tarps.  I sent Bill out to find something heavy to weigh down that stuff.  Where they had it stacked is just outside an area that goes between my house and the neighbors.  The wind really funnels through there and the stacks of wood, shingles, flashing, and other things was right on the other side.  Luckily, we have a big bush and several trees that stopped most of the stuff from taking off and ending up in Nebraska.  We ended up, watching the storm, on TV.  It was one Tornado warning after another.  I didn’t hear our sirens in town go off, but we were under a warning for a while.  But, we were sandwiched between two super cells.  It was a long night.  We had the boys keep their shoes on and stay with us downstairs, even though they stayed up hours after their bedtime.  Our basement is not finished and I wouldn’t go into without shoes unless I didnt’ have any other choice.  So, from April to August, I keep shoes right outside the basement door.  I also keep a bra hanging on the backside of the door, just in case, you never know when you may end up down there without and really want on.   We fared better than alot of folks over the weekend, which brings me to my next issue.

Joplin, Missouri. 

Sunday morning the Alarm went off and the first thing I heard was ‘Just devastating, We repeat that most of Joplin is gone this morning after a devastating F5 Tornado struck”.  OMG!

I was in shock.  I finally got the boys around and settled enough so I could turn on the TV.  The first pictures I saw was of St. Johns hospital.  I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  I spent alot of time growing up, visiting that hospital.  My doctor was right down the street from the hospital.  I know alot of people who live there.  I had to turn  the channel and go outside for a minute. 

Yesterday, since Bill was off, we had to go and do finishing the shopping.  It started storming while we were in the first store, so when we got to the second store to get meat, the boys and I stayed in the car since it was pouring.

The downpour turned into a severe storm pretty fast.  It started hailing.  The boys started screaming.  It was a little scary for about 10 minutes.  It was still pouring when Bill made it back to the car.  We rushed home to find,  Chris, the contractor, at our house waiting.  He came all the way up, in the storm, to check for leaks.  Talk about outstanding!.  I am happy to report, there are NO leaks 🙂  But, since it is storming again today, the gutter guys won’t be able to get out here till Thursday.  Which is fine, I guess, the carpenter guys will be back tomorrow too.  So, everyone should be done this weekend. Which leaves us with painting the porch & putting up the fence.

My irises were destroyed, my yarrow is mostly gone.  What was a 4′ x 4′ patch is down to about 2 small plants, that I hope will survive.  My tulips were also destroyed.  I think they will be okay, because only the leaves were left anyway and the bulbs should be okay for next year.  My baby Maple tree in the front suffered 2 broken branches, neither of them major ones, so it will live.  They killed the peas.  The green beans didn’t make it either, but I think that was because we planted to early.  But, my spinach is fine & should be ready to start picking next week.

So, we have some replanting to do. No big deal.  There is still alot of growing season left.

That’s it for now, it looks like we are about to get nailed with another storm, so I had better shut this down and make sure everyone has on their shoes, just in case:)



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