Memorial Weekend

Alrighty then.  Had a lovely BBQ yesterday but, before we started the lovely food fest, we made a ‘quick’ trip to the Home Depot.  Bill said, and I quote, “It won’t take more that 30 minutes, I’ll order it real quick.”  Mmmmhmmm.

First off, I know Bill.  I have been to Home Depots so often, that for a while, people actually thought I worked at the one closest to us.  I didn’t.  But, when you spend hours, not one or two, but 3 or 4 hours in a store at time, it leads people to think things.  Bill, bless his little ol’ heart, could spend days in a home improvement store and not notice.  Most of those stores seem to have an unadvertised cover charge.  I have never seen Bill go into one without spending at least $100.00 and taking at least 2 hours.  Until yesterday.  Bill did not make his 30 minute time, but he did set his own personal best time record by being out of the store in a mere 90 minutes.  I should be proud, but, after 20 minutes of dealing with the boys arguing and fighting, while I looked at the shrubbery, I just gave up and hauled everyone out to the car.  We had a lovely time.

First, we counted the number of people who went into the store that had on wranglers & boots.  Then only people who came out with plants.  People who drove trucks vs. people in SUV’s.  Trucks won in case you wondered.  I know, you are so jealous of my exciting and fun-filled life:)

Anyway, Bill did appear, eventually, and with a lovely receipt for all of the fencing materials.  They will be delivered Friday. Sometime. It’s a guess as to when, but that is just part of the exciting service that they offer. 🙂 Good thing we don’t have plans.

Now, the rumor was that the gutter guy was coming today.  I think maybe Chris forgot about the holiday.  So, I am not counting on it, but if anyone shows up to work, I’ll be thrilled.  The new estimate is that the house will be done by Wednesday.  I am going with Friday or Saturday.  That does not count any painting, which Bill will have to do himself, as he gets time.  But, it is coming together.  We are going to try one more time to get ahold of the company that jacked up the columns.  If they don’t respond this time, I get to go down and sue them for the 4th column, which was not jacked up the way it was supposed to be.  Now, its just jacked up in the bad sense.  It looks worse now.  

I think I should state, again for the record, I just love contractors:)  Actually, I do like Chris, who would be the roofer.

Although, even with all the issues, mostly with Mother Nature, I do find it pretty amusing that this week, so far at least, looks pretty dry weather wise.  Other than tomorrow, but nothing that should slow down progress. 

Today, is supposed to be pretty nice, a bit on the warm side, but nice enough that I should be able to take the boys outside.  Other than a bit of cleaning, that is all that is on the list for today:)


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