It’s The Weekend? Already?

Wow! Time sure does fly when you aren’t paying attention.  I thought it was still Thursday, oh well 🙂

Today’s agenda is supposed to go like this;

Home Depot delivers 4-5 pallets of fencing material and all the misc stuff that goes with it.  We don’t know what time they are supposed to arrive, because, well, that’s just how Home Depot rolls 🙂  They want to make sure they have your complete and undivided attention.

Contractors are supposed to show up.  Which ones and how many, well that will be a surprise as well.  The gutter guy would be nice.  If he shows up then the rest of the roof can get finished.  So, who knows what will happen, I can’t hardly stand the excitement!

At, some point today, someone needs to go the flipping grocery store.  Evan has been on a mad eating spree and we are out of everything.  Wait, that was a lie.  We still have 7 rolls of toilet paper, 2 slices of bread and some tamales that only I will eat. 

On to other news.  Bill rolled in the door about 20 minutes ago.  That would be at 5 am.  He left for work yesterday at 10 am.  Being a supervisor sure is fun.  They had some wonderful news to share with everyone at his work yesterday.  The warehouse will probably flood, soon.

We live on the Missouri river.  Lovely area. Bill, works North of where we live.  The little town that he works in, floods…a lot.  It’s in a flood plain.  I still don’t understand why people build homes and businesses someplace where they know it will flood????  Anyway, up north, the powers that control those sorts of things are going to start opening flood gates. A little at a time to start, and then slowly increasing the amount of water they release.  Doesn’t sound all that bad until you take into consideration that, the river is already up.  Flood stage here, is 22 feet.  The river yesterday was sitting at about 24.9.  We don’t start having issues with flooding on this side of the river till about 26 feet, if I remember correctly.  I supposed I could open another browser and look up the info on the river and its stages, but I am to lazy to do that.  Let’s just go with, it floods.  Not my house.  I live on a very big hill.  Surrounded by other big hills that sit on a bluff.  It would take something cataclysmic, for the river to actually reach my house.  Bill’s warehouse, on the other hand, sits on a flood plain, as I mentioned.  Back during the last big flood in 2008, the levies were breached.  I don’t even want to talk about the flooding that occurred during the big flood of ’93.  hehehehe, sorry, I sound really old saying that…Anyway.  In 2008, the water didn’t get into the warehouse but, the city shut off the power.  So, I imagine you can understand the issues that would cause to a grocery warehouse.  The cold stuff was ruined.  Then, once the mess the water left is cleaned up, you have stinky spoiled food to clean up.  The the warehouse to sanitize.  The big meeting Bill said all the supervisors were called to said it’s not really a matter of if, but exactly when.  They, those people who do those things, will start releasing the water on the 7th.  Bill’s warehouse is taking volunteers to go to Norfolk, NE to work at the other warehouse, which will be handling some of the load, while this warehouse is flooded.  Nice.  He will have to drive.  Maybe I can hope that he can stay for 4 days there, then come home for 3, then back up.  I dont’ know if I can do a few weeks with no car.  Not to mention the boys will drive me batty.  At least it’s summer, so we can, in theory walk to just about everywhere we need to go.  Unless of course, downtown floods here. 

My fence will be built, when?  I suppose I could do it.  I’m not helpless, but Bill really has a problem with me using power tools…not sure why that is, so using the nail gun is out of the question, but if he isn’t here………… hmmmmm   I’ll get back to you on that:)

In other news, Sam the escape artist, decided to make a break for it yesterday.  The boys and I headed out to the Post office & library.  When we came home, no smiling Sam.  After looking around, I discovered that she busted out a screen window in the laundry room to make her escape.  That was probably about 11am.  A couple of the neighbor girls, found her and brought her home about 7pm.  Filthy, covered in mud and smelling like 3 day old dead fish.  Lovely.  She had her flea treatment on Wednesday, so I can’t give her a bath.  I think she likes that.  She did run upstairs and jump in the tub.  Which was nice and all, but no bath till Sunday.  So, the whole house smells.  Mama punished her.  Smacked her around a few times.  I like to think that Mama did that because Sam made me worry.  But, Mama probably did it because Sam smelled or because Mama just wanted to beat up on her:)

It was hot yesterday, and very muggy.  More like South Florida weather than Northern Kansas.  Hot today too.  Did anyone noticed what happened to Spring??  Did I miss it?  It seems like we went from 30 degrees to 95, without the pleasant, 60 & 70 degrees, sunny and not to breezy weather that I like.  Oh well, maybe I’ll catch it next year.  I really only like Fall & winter anyway:)


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