We are all Set!

According to the news last night, the water should be here middle of next week.  After  2 exhausting days of shopping, I think we are ready.  I hate shopping.  No, seriously, I do NOT like to shop, for anything.  Bill, won’t be needing his cell phone, so I will just keep it.  We have spaghetti O’s out the wazoo, or however you spell that.  I guess it doesn’t really matter since it is not a real word anyway.  Moving on.  We have everything we need to go a few days without power.  If it looks like it will go longer, we’ll have Bill’s folks come and take us to KC.   I am hoping it does not come to that.  Whatever happens, I think we are good.  Now, let’s discuss what our city is actually saying.  According to them, The Amelia Earhart Festival will go on as planned, none of the summer activities will be affected because of this little bit of water.  Really???  This is supposed to be much worse than the 1993 flood.  Now, granted, in 1993 everyone only had hours of notice, this time they have had weeks.  I have seen the barriers they are putting up to ‘stop’ the water.  Now, even though I took a few physics classes, I, in no way, consider myself an expect in how these things work.  But, I do have a feeling that a few concrete barriers about 3 foot tall, with cracks in them and a few hundred sandbags are really not going to stop the river water from doing what it wants to do.  Mostly, I believe, that water will generally go wherever it can.  Regardless, of what puny little people would like it to do.   Yesterday was a very expensive day.  Bill wanted to take advantage of a sale that Menards was having.  Cha-Ching!  $2500 little trip.  Now, that is a cover charge.  We spent over 2 hours in the store and left with one little piece of paper.  That stuff will be delivered Tuesday.  It was the rest of material to finish the back addition, the attic insulation, the porch (decking), yada yada yada…….Then there was lunch at the Mac & cheese Pizza store, always fun.  Then Aldies, who used to be a great place to stock up on canned goods & such, but now has prices about the same as Wal-Mart.  Then a 2 hour trip to Home Depot.  I didn’t ask what that cost.  I don’t want to know.  Can I just say “The Money Pit”?????  We are just over spending half of what we bought the house for to restore it.   I love my house, I love my house, I love my house……..Anyway.  We think Gravy Girl (that is her new official name) is knocked up.  The boys want to keep all the kittens.  Maybe one.  That is if any of them survive.  I think Gravy is only about 4 months old, and I really am just guessing.  I think Sam needs a baby.  Mama is a very good mother, so maybe they could co-parent?   That’s all for now folks, I need to go get my chores done 🙂  


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