Fun With Floods!

So, the water keeps rising, and rising……  Since we do home school, it keeps them busy, I have decided to embrace current events.  I have decided that instead of just learning about bugs (always a favorite with the boys) we are going to change the theme for the rest of the summer to ‘Fun with Floods’.  We’ll talk about Dams, Currents, levees, why people shouldn’t drive or swim or wade in flood waters.  I really have an endless supply of material here, so why fight it.  Mother Nature, with some help from the Army Corps, had decided to really put on a show this summer.  Even though the boys are young, I can’t really shield them from what is going on, so we have been trying to talk about it, to help them understand.  I know this will sound bad, but I keep stressing the point to the boys, that, the Missouri River floods every year.  It’s just what rivers do.  We, being the folks along the Missouri, even if we don’t like it, we are pretty well equipped to handle flooding.  Plus, we are very high up, so water won’t get into our house.  They are still anxious.  So, this morning, I think we should walk down to the river and take some pictures, maybe see if we can have a picnic.  Then hit the library and the Farmer’s Market.  Aden is the most fearful.  But, he hears what we talk about and he understands a good deal of what he sees on the news.    Anyway, I’ll post pictures as I get them.  Bill said that the difference in the water level, from the time he went to work yesterday and the time he came home was amazing.  It’s supposed to rise another couple of feet this week.  Oh Joy of Joys:)



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