The Flooding Continues

So we are now in July and the flooding continues.  Bill should be home sometime today, but he will have to leave again, Saturday or Sunday, and this time, he isn’t going to Nebraska, he is going to Wisconsin.  Oh Joy.  Long story, but they need him there.  So, I will still be here, with the kids and the cats and the dog, who has become super protective in Bills absence.  Not that I am complaining, but she is going to great lengths to make sure she protects us.  Thursday, we needed to pick up a couple of things from the store.  It is only took us 22 minutes.  I don’t like shopping so, I go with a list, get in, get it, and leave.  Anyway, we were walking home and I see Animal control parked out front.  I could hear Sam crying.  I looked in the direction of the crying and this is what I saw.Yep, that is Sam on the ledge over the bay Window.  Pictures are courtesy of our amazing Animal Control Officer.  here are a few more.Anyway, she was trying to follow us and broke through a window.  I guess she didn’t truly comprehend how high she was and how small the ledge was.  I got her back in the house safely with only minor cuts and scratches.  The lesson here is, we can’t leave her alone.  This isn’t the first time she has gone through a window to follow us.  Last week, I took the boys to a play downtown and as we were walking back, she met us about a block from the playhouse.  I discovered then that my purse strap makes a very functionable leash in a pinch:)  So, what can we do with Super Dog?  I hate to crate her when we leave.  I think it is mean.  She has the run of the house.  But, now she is a danger to herself.  If she would have fallen and survived the fall, she would have broken bones at least.  With Bill being gone, the fence isn’t getting built.  Which would solve about 10 issues for me.  But, I can’t do it by myself.  The boys like to go in different directions when we are outside and they are too young to take your eyes off them even for a second, even if I were to leave them in the house.  I don’t even want to go into what kind of trouble Evan can get into in the house by himself.  The river seems to be holding steady for now, but it isn’t projected to make any significant drops anytime this summer, so Bill will have to keep traveling.  Now is one of those times, I really wish I had about 10 good male friends who would be willing to work for food & beer:)  several guys could get the fence built in no time at all.  I just don’t think I can afford to hire anyone.  I had it when remodeling projects get put on hold!  They are still working on the roof, just the little things but still……. It is what it is.  We will survive lol.  I also am worried for all the local people who have been put out of their homes.  I heard that there are several families that are camping out on the old hwy, because that was as far as they could get when the water came up so fast.  There are alot of people on this side of the river that need someplace to stay, it makes me wish I had room to put someone or that I could do something to help.  We did gather up some pots, pans, canned food and soaps to donate.  Just wish I could do more 🙂  So that is that for now.  Here is a picture of what the river looked like earlier this week.





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