And yet, More water…..

I am not very good at uploading pictures or figuring out how to do many things that I am sure my computer is capable of doing.  I am also running out of words to use to describe what this flooding is doing to everyone.  Yeah, I know, everyone has problems.  I do occasionally watch the news.  And I really do feel for those people displaced by the fires. It has been quite a year so far for Mother Nature, and I am getting the impression, she is ticked.  Half of the state I live in, is suffering from drought, the other half is flooded.  I have seen some really great videos that people, more talented than me, have put together, that really seem to sum up the situation.         And here is another one.  I love the choice of music!   I have heard that there are families camped out across the river, on an old hwy, surrounded by water.  With no utilities and few supplies.  They didn’t have anywhere to go.   Bill will get to come home again this weekend.  But, he has to leave again.  To bad no one can whip up a pipeline real quick and get some of this water to people who need it.  We certainly do not.  Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain.

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