I Think I want a new Dryer!!!!

When we were remodeling the kitchen and getting all new appliances, of course, that week we had to get a new washer and dryer, because the old washer decided to shock me several times.  Maybe it was tired.  I abuse appliances.  I admit it.  My washer and dryer run every single day.  But, I have boys. Going without a washer and dryer, while we drove from store to store, for weeks searching for a deal,  wasn’t an option.   We really did not get much time to shop around and with the kitchen being remodeled, we had to get what available.  I did go ahead and get a decent pair, but they weren’t top of the line, they will wash and dry your clothes and buzz when it is done, but don’t expect much more than that.  My mother in law, always gets the top of the line appliances and I will admit, her washer and dryer are smarter than I am.  I wish that when we needed one, I would have hopped on the computer and found something like this dryer
I found online today.   How much simpler, things would have been.  We were already stressed out enough.  Simple is good.

After looking at this site, for a few minutes, I have decided that I can’t live with my little 2 dial dryer.  Oh, it has dial that will allow you to select energy saver, more or less dry and on and off.  The energy saver feature is really big with me!  But these new dryers, are amazing!  Most of them, at least on this site, have steam features!  If I had one with that, I wouldn’t have to wet a towel and throw it into the dryer to try and get out of ironing a shirt:)

I have found myself more and more drawn to price comparison sites.  But, I am pretty picky about the ones I will use.  I like sites that are easy to navigate. Sites that offer convenient shipping are important. Ethical companies that are involved in their communities and continue to strive to meet customer needs are hard to find, so when I find one, I just have to share 🙂

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