Happy Hump Day

Well, it is Wednesday….wooohoo.  I tried to get the yard cut yesterday morning and was only successful with getting the front done and about a 3 foot path up the side and through the back yard, before I ran out of gas & string.  Yeah, string, I had to use the wonderful weed whacker to cut the grass because some idiot stole our lawnmower a few weeks back.  Of course, they had to take it right before Bill had to leave, so it has not been replaced.  Anyway, it is a complete pain in the butt.  When I ran out of gas, I walked all the way back up to the porch, set the thing down and realized I couldn’t feel my arms lol.  It took about 1 1/2 hours just to do the front.  I figured I would wait till this morning to finish, that way I would have some time to regain use of my arms.  Feeling did come back after a couple of hours, but my arms are still sore 🙂  So, finishing up this morning, before Nana & Papa bring the boys back was the plan. However, my bestest Friend, EVER, Mother Nature, seems to think I should not get any yard work done.  It was raining when I got up.  I didn’t hear any thunder, so I was actually considering doing it in the rain.  Then the wind picked up again.  A few sprinkles is one thing.  40-50 mile winds are another.  Fine, I won’t do it.  We did get a bit a rain last night, and it looks like the rain and wind will continue for a couple of days.  Oh joy of joys.  Exactly what we need.  The river is up, the river is down, the river is up again.  North of us, it looked like they were getting pretty heavy rains last night and this morning.  More Rain in the forecast. Oh yay.   Mr. Bill, will get to return this weekend, and then go back north after a wonderful 31 hours home.  Then he will probably be gone a few weeks.  This is really starting to suck.  The roofer has been MIA for almost 2 weeks.  I would like to at least get the roof, completely finished before school starts.  There is just so much that we had planned on getting done this summer.  It is what it is.  Wishing won’t make it so, blah, blah, blah.  What I need is about 20 people to show up and help me build this fence, put in the rest of the insulation, rewire the laundry room and help me paint:)  I would be more than happy to provide beer and food 🙂  unfortunately,  I don’t know 20 people who would help and the ones I do know that might, don’t live anywhere near me. *sign*  All right, enough complaining, on to something else.  Damn, that’s all I have….hmmm, whatever, I am sure I will think of something later:)  Stay out of the water folks, there is all sorts of nasty in the river 😉



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