It has been an eventful couple of weeks.  Bill had not even been gone a few hours before things started to fall apart.  I mean that literally.  First, the side door.  The door frame is very old, 123 years old in a couple of weeks, the top hinge came out.  Sounds simple enough to fix.  It should be, except the door frame is secured to brick.  I can’t figure out how to fix it.  So, I locked up the door and put a big chair in front of it.  It is fine as long as no one tries to open it.  Next, the a/c unit in my bedroom, decides it is entirely too hot to continue to work.  So, it stopped working.  Next, the downstairs a/c decided that it only wanted to work occasionally.  Then the next morning, the fridge died. After much drama, a new fridge was to be delivered Wednesday.  It was.  It stopped working sometime Wednesday night.  More Drama and a replacement was to be delivered the following Wednesday.  Bill lost his mind.  After some more drama, they decided that they could in fact deliver a replacement on Sunday.  So, we went to stay with Bill’s parents.  The boys had a wonderful time.  We got to see Bill’s great Uncle which was very nice! The new fridge arrived Sunday, after the Driver got lost.  Apparently, whoever gave him directions neglected to let him know about all of the road closures due to the floods.  He was almost 2 hours late.  I did let him know that he would have to remove the front door and the doors to both of the refrigerators, because otherwise, they would not fit through the doorways.  He didn’t believe me for some reason.  So, when they were trying to get the broken fridge out, they gouged up my kitchen doorway and tore up the fridge.  They did remove the doors to the 2nd fridge and it fit just fine……go figure.  This fridge is working just fine.  There should be someone out to fix the doorway this week.  The last remaining a/c is doing the best it can and we are at least able to maintain a temperature of 80-87 degrees inside the house.  It does get cooler at night and it is better than nothing.  Bill will get replacement a/c units when he gets back to town.  At least the river has gone down a bit and now they are saying it should go down considerably by the end of August.  Which, in theory, would mean that Bill would be able to come home and stay.  We will see.  So, he will be gone for Evan’s Birthday and Aden’s first day of school.  He really wanted to take Aden for his first day.  He also wanted to take him to get enrolled, but, he will be gone then too.  It sucks.  I miss my husband, a lot.  We really haven’t been apart very often.  The only time was right after Aden was born and he was working on the house, but I got to see him every couple of days then.  This every two-week thing is getting old quickly!  I know, lots of people have it worse, but this is my blog so I can complain about whatever I want to:)   So, that is what I am doing!  Since there is no a/c upstairs and it is unbearably hot outside, the boys and I are confined to 2 rooms downstairs.  So far, no one has killed anyone, yet.  But, I think we may be getting close lol.   Not everything is going badly.  The roof is Officially Finished!!!!!! Bill received a wonderful thank you letter from the president of the company, thanking him for going ‘above and beyond’ and outstanding service, etc.  It even had a real signature.  Fancy Dancy.  The laundry is caught up, Mama cat didn’t die from the stress of going to stay with Bill’s folks and being surrounded by 4 dogs and the horribly annoying eye twitch I developed the day after Bill left, seems to be gone.  So I guess it isn’t all doom & gloom.  The fence not getting done doesn’t really seem like such a priority when it is too hot to even go outside:)  But if the river does go down and Bill gets to come home Early September, that will give him plenty of time to get it done.  The painting shouldn’t take that long, we have more brick than wood.  The only thing that may be time consuming will be the porch, which is all wood.  But, the old paint is pretty much all scraped off. I won’t even go into the insulation in the attic and finishing the back bathroom and laundry room.   There is just always so much to be done!  It will get done when it gets done, no sense worrying about things I can’t do anything about.  So, I will go and worry about what I am going to make for lunch:)

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  1. I found your BLOG! oh how I missed it so! Sounds like Bill has much work to do when he returns home. But its all worth it when its your home!

    Have you seen these eggies?(if thats how you spell it) I think thats a fantastic idea I might just need to get some! Ok I’m always off topic! Glad to hear that the river is going down! September still sounds so far away but hopefully it goes quickly!

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