A Wonderful Weekend

Yip, Yippie, Yippito! ¬†Sorry, had a little Skippyjon Jones moment ūüôā ¬†But you really can’t blame me, I am reading the boys at least 4 skippyjon books a day. ¬†Anyway, Bill just left to travel back to Wisconsin for two more weeks:( ¬†But, after this trip, he will be home for 11 days!!!! ¬†Then the rumour is that the warehouse here will reopen around the 2nd of October! ¬†I sincerely hope so. ¬†This is really starting to be a little much. But, I have made it a POINT not to whine to Bill about it. ¬†The rest of you will just have to deal with it. ¬†Sam is doing so much better! ¬†Check out her and Mama’s page for more info on that. ¬†For now I have Big, Huge, Outstanding news! ¬†

The abandoned house, next door is being torn down.  Today, they will start.  They tried Saturday to start cutting the yard.  They did not have much success.  It is so overgrown that they came back yesterday evening with a bulldozer.  They got the bulldozer stuck!  That is something I have never seen before!  They are supposed to be back at 9 am or so today.  

In other exciting news, Bill started digging the fence line for the East side of the yard and ran into the mother lode of surprise lilies.  We knew we had several plants that we wanted to move, but we filled a big galvanized wash tub full of bulbs from a space of about 4 feet.  Evan and I will work on cleaning and dividing the bulbs this week.  I want to send a few to a friend who just bought a house and I want to line my front walk with them.  I should have more than enough.  

Evan will get to start riding the bus to speech this week, he is so excited. ¬†He is still a little cranky that I won’t carry him around, but the Doctor said I can’t! ¬†Yay! ¬†he is getting to heavy & from what the Doctor said I have 6-8 more weeks before my ribs and hip heal. ¬†Normally, I would be sort of happy that I have an excuse to sit on butt and read, but Not this time. ¬†When Bill takes those 11 days off, he is planing on renting a hole auger. ¬†I really, really, really want to play with it! Hopefully, I will be healed up enough to help him, if not then he is really going to have to make a friend:) ¬† ¬†Well folks, that is just about all I have for now.


Hints About Food Channel

Contribution by Kennith Griffin

I knew when my wife kept dropping hints about the Food Channel that she wanted me to go to http://www.expertsatellite.com and pony up for satellite but for the longest time I didn’t because I was afraid there would be so many good football games on she would just yell at me for always watching them. But last year I did and here we are about to head into football season and I’m more nervous than ever! I think I was the only guy on the planet that secretly wanted the lock out to stick through the season so my wife and I wouldn’t fight so much to be completely honest with yall. She seems to have gotten a lot of enjoyment out of the Food Network though so I guess it’s all worth it in the end and if she says anything to me I can just tell her that it’s all her fault since she’s the one who wanted all the extra channels! I love my wife but sometimes she can be unreasonable.

Skippito Bandito

I have Skippyjon Jones on the brain. ¬†We picked up the book at the library and now we read it all the time. ¬†By all the time, I mean I read it 3 times before lunch yesterday, 2 times after and 2 more times before bed. ¬†Usually, I won’t do that. ¬†I don’t mind reading to the boys, but come on already once or twice is enough. ¬†But, I really like reading Skippyjon. ¬†I get to use a good amount of accents!. ¬†And there is nothing I enjoy more than having everyone really get into a book. ¬†The book is about a Siamese cat that acts like anything but a cat. ¬†Evan loves the Alfredo Bumblebeeto Bandito, the bad guy. ¬†Why am I talking about this book? ¬†I have no clue. ¬†But, while the fight scene wasn’t exactly choreographed by R.A. Salvatore, it was still exciting! ¬† ¬†So, ¬†I have an entire weeks curriculum for Evan based on Skippyjon. ¬†We will see what other Skippyjon books we can find this weekend and get started Monday. ¬†Okay enough with the kid books.

¬†Sam is doing good. ¬†She seems like she is seeing pretty good, she hasn’t fallen or bumped into anything. ¬†She has eaten, she is walking around, doing better:) ¬†I however, am not. ¬† I have to whine to my doctor today because my ribs f***** Hurt! ¬†I know, I know. ¬†Don’t carry a 50 pound dog when you have cracked ribs. ¬†But, I didn’t have a choice. ¬†It was the first time, I have ever been outside between 5 & 6 pm and everyone on the block wasn’t outside. ¬†They were all gone, no one was home. ¬†There must have been a party somewhere. ¬† ¬†So, I will call and see if I can get something for pain so I can continue to breath. ¬†I like breathing. ¬†It only seems to hurt when I take deep breaths or when I sit for too long. ¬†My boys require me to take a lot of deep breaths ūüėČ ¬†

The work on the house is still at a stand still. ¬†Bill didn’t get to do much last time he was home, because he spent the weekend rebuilding the railing that Sam and I destroyed. ¬†It looks great and it really sturdy now:) ¬†But, we have to get all of the wood painted before winter, the soffits, fascia etc. ¬†Hard to do when he isn’t home, but the river seems to be holding pretty steady and the levees seems to be holding. ¬†Maybe they will re open the warehouse and he can come home soon. ¬†Otherwise, I may have to just hire a sitter, and go up and do the painting myself. ¬†Anyone want to come help me with the 50 foot ladder ūüôā ¬†

Last night we had some spectacular storms blow through, and I do mean blow. ¬†I woke up about 10:30pm to hail pinging off the windows. ¬†Looked out the window and saw several trees, pretty much laying sideways, the wind was blowing so hard. ¬†Checked the local tv station and they were reporting 100 mph winds with the leading edge of the storm, which of course had just hit us. ¬†I expected to see more damage than I did this morning. ¬†But, it looks like other than a few branches down and some missing pool toys, we didn’t get any damage. ¬†I suspect the pool toys are somewhere in OZ. ¬†But, if you see a green blow up frog, let me know:) ¬†

Well folks, I am off to get the boys around so we can get Mr. School guy out the door. ¬†I just hope we have no more drama for at least 7 days ūüėČ

Back to School

So, its been a while since I actually posted but, I have been running around like a deranged chicken, without a head. ¬†School starts here this week. ¬†From what I have seen, they announced the first day of school, last year, during school. ¬†And yet, I hear horror stories of parents freaking out because someone else took the last box of prang watercolors or the buzz lightyear backpack on tax-free weekend. ¬†WTF. ¬†Really people. ¬†First, Our state doesn’t participate, so why would you wait till the weekend before school starts to get the stuff? ¬†Wal-Mart has had the supply lists out for weeks. ¬†Was it a surprise that school was starting? ¬†Were you not aware that they would need a lot of crap? ¬†I just don’t get it. ¬†Anyway, so Bill will be home this weekend, we didn’t have any major disasters occur, so far, while he was gone. ¬†Well, one thing. ¬†Sam lost her mind the other day. ¬†Instead of going over the whole 4 hour ordeal, I’ll sum up. ¬†Something was dead in the abandoned house next door, she smelled it, wanted to get it. ¬†At one point I went to try to take her out and had the retractable leash locked. ¬†I opened the door, Sam jumped over the porch railing, which is 4 foot off the ground. ¬†She took me through the railing. ¬†I eventually let go of the leash, once I was on the ground laying on top of the railing. ¬†I landed face first, so now I look like someone either beat me or I barely survived a car wreak. ¬† Busted my nose, my right side is completely black and blue from my collarbone to my knee. ¬†I can’t lift my arms. ¬†That about covers it. ¬†My legs are pretty gashed up and bruised, but that doesn’t hurt as much as my stomach and rib cage does. I imagine I will live. ¬†So that is that, now we are doing the great count down to school. ¬†I think Aden is counting the minutes, he is so excited! ¬†Evan is excited too, but only that Aden will be gone. ¬†Brotherly love is such a precious thing! ¬†Bill did find out that the company he works for has done up a contract with the extended stay hotel they are in, that goes until December 31st. ¬†That is just lovely. ¬†Since during the holiday season, he normally works Thanksgiving evening, Christmas Eve and New Year’s eve, I have a feeling that he will be up there for the holidays. ¬†I know he won’t be here for Labor day. ¬†I am getting a little better at this whole thing. ¬†We have finally figured out a routine that seems to work for us. ¬†I am fairly certain that by the time Bill is able to come home and stay, we will have this nailed down:) ¬†On the bright side, ¬†with the holidays just being me the boys, the cats and the dog, I really won’t have to do a lot of cooking. ūüôā ¬†On a completely different note, I had started reading the Game of Thrones book, loved it so much I am now on the 5th book. ¬†It was a bit hard to get into at first, so many characters! but once I got about 1/4 way through I was hooked. ¬†Also, picked up a few of Brandon Sanderson’s books, Warbreaker¬†¬†& Elantris, which were both great! ¬†I have Mistborn waiting for me as soon as I finish this last Martin book. ¬†The house is at a stand still. ¬†There isn’t much I have been able to get done. ¬†Hopefully, once Aden is in school, Evan and I can get some little things done. ¬†We need insulation and drywall in the laundry room/back bathroom. ¬†I can do that, if Evan cooperates:) ¬†But, I will probably leave that for Bill. ¬†But it is an option.