Back to School

So, its been a while since I actually posted but, I have been running around like a deranged chicken, without a head.  School starts here this week.  From what I have seen, they announced the first day of school, last year, during school.  And yet, I hear horror stories of parents freaking out because someone else took the last box of prang watercolors or the buzz lightyear backpack on tax-free weekend.  WTF.  Really people.  First, Our state doesn’t participate, so why would you wait till the weekend before school starts to get the stuff?  Wal-Mart has had the supply lists out for weeks.  Was it a surprise that school was starting?  Were you not aware that they would need a lot of crap?  I just don’t get it.  Anyway, so Bill will be home this weekend, we didn’t have any major disasters occur, so far, while he was gone.  Well, one thing.  Sam lost her mind the other day.  Instead of going over the whole 4 hour ordeal, I’ll sum up.  Something was dead in the abandoned house next door, she smelled it, wanted to get it.  At one point I went to try to take her out and had the retractable leash locked.  I opened the door, Sam jumped over the porch railing, which is 4 foot off the ground.  She took me through the railing.  I eventually let go of the leash, once I was on the ground laying on top of the railing.  I landed face first, so now I look like someone either beat me or I barely survived a car wreak.   Busted my nose, my right side is completely black and blue from my collarbone to my knee.  I can’t lift my arms.  That about covers it.  My legs are pretty gashed up and bruised, but that doesn’t hurt as much as my stomach and rib cage does. I imagine I will live.  So that is that, now we are doing the great count down to school.  I think Aden is counting the minutes, he is so excited!  Evan is excited too, but only that Aden will be gone.  Brotherly love is such a precious thing!  Bill did find out that the company he works for has done up a contract with the extended stay hotel they are in, that goes until December 31st.  That is just lovely.  Since during the holiday season, he normally works Thanksgiving evening, Christmas Eve and New Year’s eve, I have a feeling that he will be up there for the holidays.  I know he won’t be here for Labor day.  I am getting a little better at this whole thing.  We have finally figured out a routine that seems to work for us.  I am fairly certain that by the time Bill is able to come home and stay, we will have this nailed down:)  On the bright side,  with the holidays just being me the boys, the cats and the dog, I really won’t have to do a lot of cooking. 🙂  On a completely different note, I had started reading the Game of Thrones book, loved it so much I am now on the 5th book.  It was a bit hard to get into at first, so many characters! but once I got about 1/4 way through I was hooked.  Also, picked up a few of Brandon Sanderson’s books, Warbreaker  & Elantris, which were both great!  I have Mistborn waiting for me as soon as I finish this last Martin book.  The house is at a stand still.  There isn’t much I have been able to get done.  Hopefully, once Aden is in school, Evan and I can get some little things done.  We need insulation and drywall in the laundry room/back bathroom.  I can do that, if Evan cooperates:)  But, I will probably leave that for Bill.  But it is an option.




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