A Wonderful Weekend

Yip, Yippie, Yippito!  Sorry, had a little Skippyjon Jones moment 🙂  But you really can’t blame me, I am reading the boys at least 4 skippyjon books a day.  Anyway, Bill just left to travel back to Wisconsin for two more weeks:(  But, after this trip, he will be home for 11 days!!!!  Then the rumour is that the warehouse here will reopen around the 2nd of October!  I sincerely hope so.  This is really starting to be a little much. But, I have made it a POINT not to whine to Bill about it.  The rest of you will just have to deal with it.  Sam is doing so much better!  Check out her and Mama’s page for more info on that.  For now I have Big, Huge, Outstanding news!  

The abandoned house, next door is being torn down.  Today, they will start.  They tried Saturday to start cutting the yard.  They did not have much success.  It is so overgrown that they came back yesterday evening with a bulldozer.  They got the bulldozer stuck!  That is something I have never seen before!  They are supposed to be back at 9 am or so today.  

In other exciting news, Bill started digging the fence line for the East side of the yard and ran into the mother lode of surprise lilies.  We knew we had several plants that we wanted to move, but we filled a big galvanized wash tub full of bulbs from a space of about 4 feet.  Evan and I will work on cleaning and dividing the bulbs this week.  I want to send a few to a friend who just bought a house and I want to line my front walk with them.  I should have more than enough.  

Evan will get to start riding the bus to speech this week, he is so excited.  He is still a little cranky that I won’t carry him around, but the Doctor said I can’t!  Yay!  he is getting to heavy & from what the Doctor said I have 6-8 more weeks before my ribs and hip heal.  Normally, I would be sort of happy that I have an excuse to sit on butt and read, but Not this time.  When Bill takes those 11 days off, he is planing on renting a hole auger.  I really, really, really want to play with it! Hopefully, I will be healed up enough to help him, if not then he is really going to have to make a friend:)    Well folks, that is just about all I have for now.


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