Pleasant Surprises

Yesterday was full of pleasant surprises.  We had our first meeting with Sam’s new dog trainer.  When I initially spoke to her, I was a little put off because she sounded so young!  Not to be an age snob, but I was wondering how much experience could she have?  Will she even know how to deal with Sam’s more delicate issues?  Well, when she showed up, she was indeed pretty young, but then I am starting to get to an age where I think everyone under 37 is young:) This is where the first surprise of the day happened.  

When she came in the house, Sam actually growled.  Not her normal, I don’t like this person growl. But more of an, oh no, I think this person means business, sort of growl.  lol perfect!  This is a reaction I can live with.  Sam eventually settled down and we started talking.  The first thing that impressed me was how calm she was.  Not a shy quiet sort of calm, but a confident, poised, all together calm.  It was very reassuring, because to be quite honest, I was feeling pretty much like an idiot because I can’t figure out how to make Sam do what I want her to do.  She was full of suggestions on how I can start to deal with Sam’s separation anxiety now.  

But, I think the thing that I was most impressed with, was she said that the behaviors can be changed, but it will take time, consistency and it won’t be easy.  Good, at least now I am more than convinced she isn’t just someone looking to take advantage.  Next, we went out to take Sam for a little walk.  She showed me how to teach her not to pull when we walk.  One little step at a time.  But what she showed me really works.  It will take a while, but hey I have time.  I did feel like an idiot though, because it was really simple and I probably should have figured it out on my own.  But, I didn’t so I get the stupid people award for the day:) So, she is hired and we will probably start Tuesday. So that is that on Ms. Sam.  

Moving Right along.  Bill comes home for good (hopefully) Friday!  Yay!  The weather looks like it will cooperate, so maybe we can have a productive weekend and the outside of house will be finished before winter sets in.  

No, that wasn’t one of the surprises 🙂 The next surprise I discovered in my inbox.  It seems that an article I submitted a few weeks ago, then promptly forgot about, was accepted.  Yeah Money!  There was also an offer to submit another.  I also had another email inquiring about a teaching gig online.  Hmmmm, I’ll have to check that one out.  I have quite a lot on my plate as it is, but if I could find something that pays as well as me actually leaving the house to work, I think that is what I would rather do.  It would be tons more simple to be here, than to have to juggle schedules and transportation.  So, I will see where that goes.    

I still have not scheduled the X-ray.   I know very bad, but I must have another adult with me to watch the boys.  And I still don’t know for sure what time Bill will be home Friday.  So that still sits on my To Do list.

 It is Rosh Hashanah!  So Happy Jewish New Year!  But, technically not till sundown.

 L’shana Tova / Ketivah vi-chatima Tova.” This means: “For a good year / You should be written and sealed in the good (Book of Life).”  

That’s all for now Folks:)











Vacation Over, Back to the Real World

Not that we actually had a chance to do much playing.  This was more of a working vacation for Bill.   Having left early in June, because of all the flooding, we had several projects that must be completed before winter sets in.  The soffits and fascia need to be painted.  The corbels need painted and put back up.  The paneling on the back addition needs to be finished along with painting that trim.  The fence still needs to be built and the porch needs to be rebuilt.  Opps, must not forget that painting.  In a nutshell, all the wood on the exterior of the house needs painting.  It would have probably been close to being finished if not for the flooding.  But, I have not control over Mother Nature or the Army corp of Engineers.  So, we muddle through.  This is however the last week Bill will be up north.  I am so happy and relieved.  It has been a pretty rough summer without him.  Hopefully now things can get back to a somewhat normal routine, or at least normal for us.

Tomorrow, Sam has her very first appointment with a trainer.  It is just the consultation, but it is a step.  If for some reason, this lady doesn’t work out, we do have another option, but those trainers are an hour away, so we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Friday, I have to go another X-ray on my ribs.  They just don’t seem to be healing and the Dr. wants to make sure he didn’t miss something.  Other than my ribs, the rest of me seems pretty much healed up.  My hip doesn’t hurt at all and I am no longer black and blue.

I have my very first Parent-Teacher conference this week!  I am excited and a bit anxious.

We really had a great week.  Evan pretty stuck to Bill the whole time he was home, helping daddy work outside.  That gave me plenty of time to write and get stuff done around the house that normally takes forever with Evan attached to my hip.  Last weekend we took to the boys to T-Rex Cafe and had such a great time!  They loved it!  They dug for bones, panned for gemstones and before we headed home we even saw a flash mob!  An all around great time.  Sam didn’t destroy anything while we were gone, which just made the day even better.  We watched football had lots of yummy food and had a marvelous time.

But vacation time is over 😦   So it is back to the same ‘ol, same ‘ol.


This could be the End of the College Football World

I am starting to think that the end of the world is fast approaching. Or at least the end of college football, as I know it.

Watching the Chaos unfold is dizzying at best and mostly nauseating. The landscape of college football is dissolving quickly into one giant FUBAR mess. The Big 12 and the Big East are supposedly talking about merging conferences, all the while destroying my beloved line-up of teams and the very things I love most about College ball.

Since Syracuse and Pittsburgh  split to the now-14-team Atlantic Coast Conference, we  may see Rutgers and Connecticut follow in their footsteps.  Pittsburgh is bracing itself for the possibility that the leaders, Oklahoma and Texas will running for some Pac and more than likely taking Oklahoma State and Texas Tech along for the roller coaster ride.

If this horrible end-of-the-world scenario were to actually happen, the Big East would be left with South Florida, West Virginia, Cincinnati, and Louisville. Just to top things off, as of 2012, Texas Christian.  Oh isn’t that just a lovely thought. That leaves the Big 12 with Baylor, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri. What we would be left with would be a  league with 10 teams, plus another 2-6 spots, give or take, left over for smaller conference schools looking to hook up with the Big Boys. Because everyone really does want to sit at the big table.

Now a few of those 10 schools could just as easily be sucked absorbed into the SEC and the Big Ten, just to round out a sadistically radically reshaped landscape with four 16-team super conferences. Now, that is only assuming Texas A&M, the big ol’  trouble maker that started all of this B.S. mess, is able to actually get out of the Big 12. That would leave the SEC  needing a mere three more teams  to reach the  Miracle Sweet 16 plateau.  The Big Ten, currently at 12 members after taking in Nebraska this fall, would have room for another four, though there is a big rumour that commissioner Jim Delany plans to save a spot for Notre Dame.  Go Figure.

There might actually be an upside.  Maybe. Probably not, but stranger things have happened.  Four leagues, in theory, could band together to form a 64 school system, that would exclude the NCAA and the BCS.  That might, this is a big maybe, give us the much coveted playoff system that myself, like many other fans have wished for.

But like so many other things, there is always a downside.

The big rivalry games and regional ties will  just go the way of the dinosaur and 8-tracks. This like so many other things comes down to money.  Big money for the schools.  Loads of Advertising bucks, and corporate greed.  How selfish do we really have to be?  Could we maybe take a pause and remember these are kids playing, and Big business is trying  to exploit one of America’s best-loved sports.  My Sport.

The mess we will be left with, will be all the glitz, glamour and corporate sponsorship crap of the NFL, all the while losing the character, leadership and teamwork values that college sports are supposed to promote. That’s to say nothing of what happens to the rest of the sports that make college athletics as vibrant as it is.

This is starting to feel a bit like a family dinner with only so many seats at the ‘Big Table’. We could just as easily see five super conferences instead of four, with the Big “Tweast” joining the Pac-16, the ACC, the Big “Ten” and the SEC at the ‘Big’ table, although they might just need high chairs.

Whichever way it goes, and that is of course,  if it goes, we may look at a depressing degradation of college sports, my college football in particular.  Of course that is only if this all goes down the way the ‘experts’ are predicting.  That of course is always a big ‘If”.

For now, if you love college football, like I love it—if you love the pageantry and the rivalry, the traditions and the surprises, the spirit and the excitement—then root for the Big 12. Root for Oklahoma and Texas to stay put. Root for the Big 12 to replenish its ranks with up-and-comers from smaller conferences and for the Big East to do the same.

If not, we may be looking at the end of college football—well maybe the end of college sports—as we know it.

That will be a sad day for us all.

Qualcomm Stadium server trips, loses $1,000 … and Chargers fans give it all back – Shutdown Corner – NFL Blog – Yahoo! Sports

Qualcomm Stadium server trips, loses $1,000 … and Chargers fans give it all back – Shutdown Corner – NFL Blog – Yahoo! Sports.

There may in fact be hope for the human race!

Vacation Countdown!

In approximately 32 hours, Bill will be home.  This time he gets to be here for 11 days!  Then only 2 more trips up north and he should get to come home to stay!  We are all so excited!  I know that when he gets home, this little unpaid vacation of his, will not actually be any real rest time, he has a lot of things he wants to get done during these 11 days.  But, he will be here, even if we don’t get to spend much time with him.  He has the fence to complete, the porch to tear off and rebuild, the soffits and fascia to paint and various other little projects that will need to be completely finished before the winter weather arrives.  I know, no one wants to hear about winter, but it right around the corner and with how Mother Nature has been acting all year, I wouldn’t put it past her to blast us with an early ice or snow storm, just to keep us on our toes.  

In other news, I walk Aden to the bus stop every morning.  I also am there when he gets off the bus.  I have noticed something different this week.  I haven’t seen any other adults.  Morning or afternoon, I am the only adult.  When school first started I would see other adults, usually only 1 in the morning.  I only ever saw 1 other adult in the afternoon.  Now, it is just me and the kids.  Not that I really mind.  They usually have lots of interesting news and facts to share.   Like for instance, are you aware that you can indeed fish with gummy worms?  They don’t work on cat-fish but apparently crappie like them.  Catfish like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Who knew.  I have learned a great deal of information.  Like which older sisters, should not be allowed to babysit and why.  Good to know.   This morning, I was getting the boys shoes on them so we could walk down to the bus stop, when they start yelling, “they are here, they are here!” Who is here?  I looked out my back window and there are 3 kids standing at my back window.  Huh?  I found out shortly that they were here to walk down to the bus stop with us.  We are actually further away from the bus stop than any of these kids.  But, they cut through some yards and down the alley to get to my house, so they could walk with us.  Puzzling.  Not as puzzling as one of the boys, walking home with us every afternoon this week, then cutting back between the houses to get to his house.  I don’t know much about this boy, he seems very nice.  I know he has a younger brother, a little younger than Evan, and an older sister (who shouldn’t be allowed to babysit).  He lives with his mother and grandmother.  That is all I know.  Maybe he is just likes the fact that both of my boys, hang on his every word:)  Whatever the reason, it certainly makes for an interesting walk to and from the bus stop.  

I really don’t have much else.  They are almost done next door the house is down and now they are finishing up hauling away the debris.  Then they will haul in some dirt and level the lot.  It is sad to think about the history that was lost, because no one maintained the home.  It was built shortly after our house and was almost identical in design.  Although we had more carved wood inside and more burl wood.  But, at least it isn’t a safety hazard anymore, and the neighborhood kids will be able to play there safely.






Hope and Faith

Last week, I had a very interesting conversation with someone, that to be quite honest, really irritated me.  But, then I do get irritated very easily:)  So the conversation started out with Person A, telling me that Person B is getting married.  Great, happy to hear it.  However, Person A, had nothing but complaints about this.  Here is the list of complaints;

Person B, is marrying an Orthodox Jew.  (not sure how this is an issue since Person B, is Orthodox too and Person A is a Jew.) So, everyone involved is Jewish, the only differences being the degree to which they practice.

Person B, is having an Orthodox Jewish Wedding, (Also not really shocker here, what with being Orthodox and all), so the Wedding is in 3 months.  Person A, thinks the wedding should be several months away, so that more planning can be done, and Person A can have time to make arrangements to go, yada, yada.

Person A, is upset, because the wedding is in 3 months.  Person A, was asked not to wear a strap-less dress.  Person B, is following all the Orthodox Jewish customs.  Like being modest.  Person A, doesn’t feel she should have to conform to someone else’s rules, because Person A is “Not Religious”.  However, Person A is Jewish.  Not Orthodox, very, very, very reformed.  So reformed, in fact, that she is really only Jewish on Passover and Hanukkah.  That being said, Person A, doesn’t want anyone to ‘judge her’.

Big, Deep, cleansing Breath.

First off, I don’t really care all that much.  But, because of Person A’s significant role in my life, I am supposed to.  So, I listened and tried to be supportive, while explaining to Person A, why they should just suck it up and do what Person B wants or Person A can just not go to the wedding.

Person A, has a very large amount of tattoos and piercings and has made it a point to stand out, by getting above mentioned tattoos and piercings.  I don’t have an issue with them, have a good time, but not everyone feels this way.

I am going out on a limb here and guessing that Person A will really stand out at an Orthodox Jewish wedding.  Seeing as how a good portion of the older Jewish community, Do not approve of tattoos or piercings.  It has a lot to do with Jewish law and the fact that Jews were forced to be tattooed in Concentration Camps, makes it even a bit more tacky in the eyes of the more strict Jews.  Go figure.

So, after listening to these ‘issues’.  Person A, states that while they are not ‘religious’ they do believe in God, but don’t believe that God, should be labeled with a name or sex, yada, yada.

umm, that sounds like a religious belief to me.

According to Merriam-Webster, Religious is defined as;


: relating to or manifesting faithful devotion to an acknowledged ultimate reality or deity <a religious person><religious attitudes>

: of, relating to, or devoted to religious beliefs or observances <joined a religious order>
a : scrupulously and conscientiously faithful

Okay, so now I must be all critical and bitchy here.  If you say you believe in ‘God’, regardless of what you want to call ‘God’,  you are by default, religious.  You may not go to temple or church or do anything that would constitute practicing a religion, but you still have a Belief.  Therefore, you are religious. The primary responsiblity of religion is to provide Hope.  Or at least, it should be, in my opinion.   If you personally, do not wish to follow your cultural heritage, fine, don’t.  But, you should respect someone who does.  By not wanting to be judged by a group of people, whose beliefs are different from your own, you are pretty much judging them.   Which is a bit over the top hypocritical.  

If you only occasionally pray or meditate or whatever you want to call it, you are being religious.  Even if you aren’t someone who does it on a regular basis.  You have Faith,  that something else with provide you with Hope and comfort.  Alright, I am done with that 🙂