Vacation Countdown!

In approximately 32 hours, Bill will be home.  This time he gets to be here for 11 days!  Then only 2 more trips up north and he should get to come home to stay!  We are all so excited!  I know that when he gets home, this little unpaid vacation of his, will not actually be any real rest time, he has a lot of things he wants to get done during these 11 days.  But, he will be here, even if we don’t get to spend much time with him.  He has the fence to complete, the porch to tear off and rebuild, the soffits and fascia to paint and various other little projects that will need to be completely finished before the winter weather arrives.  I know, no one wants to hear about winter, but it right around the corner and with how Mother Nature has been acting all year, I wouldn’t put it past her to blast us with an early ice or snow storm, just to keep us on our toes.  

In other news, I walk Aden to the bus stop every morning.  I also am there when he gets off the bus.  I have noticed something different this week.  I haven’t seen any other adults.  Morning or afternoon, I am the only adult.  When school first started I would see other adults, usually only 1 in the morning.  I only ever saw 1 other adult in the afternoon.  Now, it is just me and the kids.  Not that I really mind.  They usually have lots of interesting news and facts to share.   Like for instance, are you aware that you can indeed fish with gummy worms?  They don’t work on cat-fish but apparently crappie like them.  Catfish like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  Who knew.  I have learned a great deal of information.  Like which older sisters, should not be allowed to babysit and why.  Good to know.   This morning, I was getting the boys shoes on them so we could walk down to the bus stop, when they start yelling, “they are here, they are here!” Who is here?  I looked out my back window and there are 3 kids standing at my back window.  Huh?  I found out shortly that they were here to walk down to the bus stop with us.  We are actually further away from the bus stop than any of these kids.  But, they cut through some yards and down the alley to get to my house, so they could walk with us.  Puzzling.  Not as puzzling as one of the boys, walking home with us every afternoon this week, then cutting back between the houses to get to his house.  I don’t know much about this boy, he seems very nice.  I know he has a younger brother, a little younger than Evan, and an older sister (who shouldn’t be allowed to babysit).  He lives with his mother and grandmother.  That is all I know.  Maybe he is just likes the fact that both of my boys, hang on his every word:)  Whatever the reason, it certainly makes for an interesting walk to and from the bus stop.  

I really don’t have much else.  They are almost done next door the house is down and now they are finishing up hauling away the debris.  Then they will haul in some dirt and level the lot.  It is sad to think about the history that was lost, because no one maintained the home.  It was built shortly after our house and was almost identical in design.  Although we had more carved wood inside and more burl wood.  But, at least it isn’t a safety hazard anymore, and the neighborhood kids will be able to play there safely.







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