Vacation Over, Back to the Real World

Not that we actually had a chance to do much playing.  This was more of a working vacation for Bill.   Having left early in June, because of all the flooding, we had several projects that must be completed before winter sets in.  The soffits and fascia need to be painted.  The corbels need painted and put back up.  The paneling on the back addition needs to be finished along with painting that trim.  The fence still needs to be built and the porch needs to be rebuilt.  Opps, must not forget that painting.  In a nutshell, all the wood on the exterior of the house needs painting.  It would have probably been close to being finished if not for the flooding.  But, I have not control over Mother Nature or the Army corp of Engineers.  So, we muddle through.  This is however the last week Bill will be up north.  I am so happy and relieved.  It has been a pretty rough summer without him.  Hopefully now things can get back to a somewhat normal routine, or at least normal for us.

Tomorrow, Sam has her very first appointment with a trainer.  It is just the consultation, but it is a step.  If for some reason, this lady doesn’t work out, we do have another option, but those trainers are an hour away, so we will just have to wait and see what happens.

Friday, I have to go another X-ray on my ribs.  They just don’t seem to be healing and the Dr. wants to make sure he didn’t miss something.  Other than my ribs, the rest of me seems pretty much healed up.  My hip doesn’t hurt at all and I am no longer black and blue.

I have my very first Parent-Teacher conference this week!  I am excited and a bit anxious.

We really had a great week.  Evan pretty stuck to Bill the whole time he was home, helping daddy work outside.  That gave me plenty of time to write and get stuff done around the house that normally takes forever with Evan attached to my hip.  Last weekend we took to the boys to T-Rex Cafe and had such a great time!  They loved it!  They dug for bones, panned for gemstones and before we headed home we even saw a flash mob!  An all around great time.  Sam didn’t destroy anything while we were gone, which just made the day even better.  We watched football had lots of yummy food and had a marvelous time.

But vacation time is over 😦   So it is back to the same ‘ol, same ‘ol.



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