Post contributed by Josue Durham

I looked into a new television package and decided to go with Direct tv promotions for our new condo at the beach. I feel like it has been forever that we have been renovating the place and now it is finally time to move it. When we bought the place, it was in pretty tattered shape. The décor was mid eighties. There were beachey colors, but the wallpaper boarders in ever room reminded me of “Miami Vice”. Now, everything is painted a little more neutral. I also took down all of the wallpaper. I tried to channel a relaxed Costa Rican retreat. I used teak furniture but also upgraded the condo with all the modern upgrades. One of my favorite things is the ipod docs that we had put in the wall. The speaker system plays the ipod in the house and by the pool. We are looking forward to a really relaxing summer. You will be able to find me by our pool listening to music, with a margarita in my hand.


Authored by Leandro Delgado

We have adt sensor that detect motion in our house at night. They go off if motion is detected around windows and doors. The sensors are placed at a level where they are not set off by animals, just people. We have never had a sensor set the alarm off until the other night. My husband and I frantically jumped out of bed. I ran to the kid’s room and he checked the alarm pad to see what had been set off. The keypad showed that the motion detector around our bay window had been set off. The police came and searched the house. They could not find anything. They suggested that it may have just been a fluke. When we got back in bed that night, it occurred to me that some pictures on the table underneath the window had been turned over. I thought about it and realized that I knew who the culprit was. It was our cat, Monique. She had leaped on the bench. When she jumped off, she must have reached a height that made the motion sensor think that she was a person. If I had realized this sooner, we would have gotten a lot more sleep!

Interesting Work from Home Opportunity

I was recently offered a very unique job opportunity.  I am actually thinking about it.  One of my readers contacted me about this job.  I have known this reader for many years and her daughter is doing it and loves it.  The job is pretty simple.  I would be teaching people how to speak English.  These people already know English, but are working or studying in the US and just want to speak better English.  This is where I start to see an issue.  I am not sure that I am the right person do this.  Everything is handled over the internet/phone.  There are some scripts involved and from what I understand, my job would be to correct the student, if needed, so that they will sound like they grew up speaking English.  I have a few small issues.  

First, there is a reason why on my Facebook profile, I do not list English as a language I speak.  I blog like I speak, so there are usually enough English grammar mistakes in one blog page to give a real English teacher a stroke.  Oh, it just occurred to me that, that may be why a friend of mine, who does teach English, doesn’t read my blog.  It is probably very painful.   I don’t feel that I even speak Proper English, perhaps bad American English, which I have decided is another language entirely.  I am fairly certain that the British speak proper English.  I am not really sure what to call what I speak, but it is not ‘proper’ whatever you want to call it.  

Now, if this company is looking for people to teach the proper usage of certain American English words or phrases, then I am all in. I could specialize and teach when and how to properly use the work F**k.  That is such an important and versatile word and using it properly is imperative.  Did you know, that the word F**k can be used as any part of speech?  Go ahead and try it, I will wait.  

See what I mean?  I wouldn’t really have to limit myself to that one word. diversity is a wonderful thing.  I could also teach the word ‘idjit’ which another word that is very important and I use it frequently.  Oh, I have a whole list of words that anyone wanting to sound like an American should be acquainted with.  A few of my personal favorites are; Moron, dumb-ass, Trailer and Dude. You know all the really important words.  I am not entirely convinced that I am the right person for the job.  But, since this is a public post, I am at least giving the company all of the information they really need in order to make an informed decision.  That is, if I apply.  The other really interesting job I am looking at is writing for a college sports blog.  I have already done 2 articles that have been published and apparently well received, but I am not sure that is the direction I really want to go.  Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love my football!  I am pretty fond of money too.  But, do I really want to write about it every week?  I don’t know.  I am doing it anyway.  Hey, they are paying pretty well for my crazy opinion, so I’ll keep watching my games and write about it on Sunday, while my darling husband watches the Chiefs take on the Vikings.  You never know, the Vikings are 0-3 too, anything could happen.  Right now, I will concentrate on this K-State vs Baylor game.  I do love purple.