Authored by Leandro Delgado

We have adt sensor that detect motion in our house at night. They go off if motion is detected around windows and doors. The sensors are placed at a level where they are not set off by animals, just people. We have never had a sensor set the alarm off until the other night. My husband and I frantically jumped out of bed. I ran to the kid’s room and he checked the alarm pad to see what had been set off. The keypad showed that the motion detector around our bay window had been set off. The police came and searched the house. They could not find anything. They suggested that it may have just been a fluke. When we got back in bed that night, it occurred to me that some pictures on the table underneath the window had been turned over. I thought about it and realized that I knew who the culprit was. It was our cat, Monique. She had leaped on the bench. When she jumped off, she must have reached a height that made the motion sensor think that she was a person. If I had realized this sooner, we would have gotten a lot more sleep!

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