Post contributed by Josue Durham

I looked into a new television package and decided to go with Direct tv promotions for our new condo at the beach. I feel like it has been forever that we have been renovating the place and now it is finally time to move it. When we bought the place, it was in pretty tattered shape. The décor was mid eighties. There were beachey colors, but the wallpaper boarders in ever room reminded me of “Miami Vice”. Now, everything is painted a little more neutral. I also took down all of the wallpaper. I tried to channel a relaxed Costa Rican retreat. I used teak furniture but also upgraded the condo with all the modern upgrades. One of my favorite things is the ipod docs that we had put in the wall. The speaker system plays the ipod in the house and by the pool. We are looking forward to a really relaxing summer. You will be able to find me by our pool listening to music, with a margarita in my hand.

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