The Newest member of the Family

Well this isn’t the best picture of her, but it was the first one I actually was able to take before we caught her.  Uh, maybe I should rephrase that!  Before she decided she would follow me into the house.  So, technically I did not catch her lol.  She appears to be in good health, has had a litter or more of puppies before, is sweet-tempered and very gentle.  Sam is in love with her.  And Sam is the reason she is here. I will back up a bit.

Okay so I haven’t done a real blog in a while, much to the dismay of the lovely people who occasionally pay me to do so, but I have been busy!  I started selling Avon in October!  I love Avon!  I’ll fill you in the lovely little details on that business later for now let’s just talk about Sam & Kenya.

So, Sunday afternoon, I needed to go and drop off some Avon up the street.  Bill & the boys decided to go to.  The Air conditioners have all be removed from the windows so we thought that it would be safe to just leave Sam loose in the house, surely she wouldn’t break anymore windows.  Wrong.  We were only gone about 10 minutes and returned home to find the living room window, gone.  Along with Sam.  But, as soon as we got to the door I knew she was gone because she wasn’t standing at the door waiting on us.  Bill just about lost his mind.  I don’t blame him. This was the biggest window to date.  But, he had salvaged a window from next door before they tore it down so we had one that actually fit that window.  I knew better than to go and try to catch Sam.  She won’t come home until she is tired and done running.  Bill said, she is not coming back in the house call Animal control and let them know she is gone and they can keep her.  I didn’t say anything, I know better than to even try when he is that mad.  But I understand.  10 broken windows/screens, torn up/broken doors, broken porch railing + broken ribs for me, not to mention all the medical bills we have for her.  He was right to be mad, she is costing us a fortune.  Anyway, ended up with a neighbor girl catching Sam while she was playing with her buddy.  The same buddy that we have seen her running with the last few times she has busted out.   This dog has been running the neighborhood for a couple of weeks and I have been trying to find her family with no luck.  She looked way to healthy to be a stray.  Not skinny at all and very friendly with kids.  Whenever this girl saw a kid or group of kids, she was right there wanting to play.

So when the neighbor girl caught Sam, her buddy followed us almost to the house.  The next day when I took Sam out, she was laying on sidewalk.  Sam really wanted to go to her so we did.  They did the dog ‘hi, how ya doing’ which consisted of about 3 minutes of butt sniffing and kisses.  I could hear Evan in the house yelling so I told Sam ‘In’ and guess who followed us.

So, Bill was sleeping and I let this strange dog in my house.  I am pretty sure you should be able to tell what breed she is without me telling you:)  but, I was able to slip the lead on her just in case.  Emailed our Animal Control officer to let her know,  I had the stray.

Now to fill in the gaps.  When I spoke to the officer about Sam, she didn’t lie to me.  Sam would be an extremely hard dog to adopt out.  Pit Bull with behavior issues.. Would you adopt a dog with that description?  Doesn’t matter that the only real issue now is the separation anxiety.   I told Bill that and he said ‘Maybe she just needs a friend to stay in the house with her.”  I heard, “why don’t we get another dog for Sam.”  So , when Animal control said, I don’t have a kennel big enough for the stray, could you hang on to her for a little while, while I find one.  I said yes.  She played with Sam, loved on me and Evan and was a perfect houseguest.  When Bill got up, they both got a shock.  He didn’t know she was here and she didn’t know where this strange man came from.  Once they both got over the shock, it was baby talk and kisses the rest of the evening.

Which brings us to, I think she is staying.  She also wouldn’t be a very adoptable dog.  Older, doesn’t like men who have things in their hands.  But, she keeps Sam calm, unless they are playing.  We have only had two tussles.  Both over bones.  I took Kenya out and when we came back in caught Sam with Kenya’s bone.  They seemed a bit serious to me.  Sam bit Kenya on the leg, Kenya bit Sam on the leg.  Both hurt and limping but no blood.  But they haven’t done that since.  I will tell you though, it did scare me a bit. But, both of the dogs are so aware of the kids, that when Evan came into the hallway while they were arguing over the bone, they both stopped.  So, here we are.

Kenya was Sweetie pie or pretty girl until last night.  She is just a little taller than Sam and a lot more bulky, I am thinking at least 70 lbs if not a little more.  Mama came out the first night to introduce herself.  Kenya ignored the outside cats, unlike Sam who truly believes all cats love her and want to play with her.  But, when Mama walked into the living room, it was either the saddest thing I have ever seen or the funniest.  Kenya jumped back and started crying.  Whining, shaking and trying to crawl backwards under the couch.

Now, I can understand that fear.  I too am terrified of Mama Fat cat.  She may be old, but she has not problem letting anyone know who is truly in charge.  Sam, did not get off the couch while this was going on.  Smart girl.  Mama wasn’t acting aggressive at all.  Although it did look like she was grinning.  Finally, I had to shoo mama out of the room, I got swatted & hissed at for my efforts.  But, all is well now.  Mama comes downstairs, Kenya hides.

I am sure there is more to say, but that I all I have now.  Oh and if you want some Avon, I have a website 🙂  I imagine I will need to sell more in order to afford dog food and bones:)