Sad News for InfoArmy

I am a little sad this morning.  I have been been doing research for InfoArmy since October and I was loving it! The CEO announced this morning that their business model just isn’t working, so no more InfoArmy for me.  Or so it seems.  There is a webcast later today that should explain more.  I would really hate to lose this.  i have really loved doing reports and I completely believed their business is a good one.  

I am not sure I would have taken the steps they have to fix the problems.  Maybe test the researchers.  Make them become certified before allowing them to join.  Really test the Senior researchers to make sure that they were approving reports that are of the best quality.  And hold everyone accountable for their research.

I did a total of 89 reports.  I worked with many different researchers and every one of them had different standards.  

Maybe, InfoArmy just needs to step back and re-evaluate how they go about their crowd sourcing.  Not everyone was just trying to make a quick buck.  Some of us actually believed in the Company and their business model and strived to produce quality reports.

I hope this isn’t the end of InfoArmy.

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