Sock and Sockette, The Musical!

Saturday night, Aden came downstairs and announced that we had to come upstairs.  They had something very cool to show us. Now normally, their idea of cool involves a good bit of clean up on my end, or it is just disgusting:).  But, Bill and I, followed him up.  Aden said they had a puppet show for us and we should sit on his bed.  So we did.  The next 15 minutes were hysterical!  We were both laughing so hard we were crying.  So, here is the story. Oh and Aden did all of the Narration, Evan provided much needed sound effects.  The set up a board and knelt behind it, each with a sock on his hand.

Sock and Sockette, The Musical. (the condensed version)

So, one day Sock, the Sock puppet, was walking through the forest.  When all of the sudden he heard a very loud sound. But Sock was brave so he kept walking.  After a long walk, Sock saw something up ahead.  He went to look.  It was the most beautiful sock he had ever seen.  Her name was Sockette.  They went for a walk.  Then Sock heard the terrible noise again!  And this time, the stinkiest of Stinks, smelled up the whole forest!.  It was Sockette!  She farted again and again and just couldn’t stop farting.  She farted so much the forest just fell down.  All the animals left.  But, Sock was nice, so he stayed friends with Sockette, even though she farted all the time.

The End.

Then they bowed as we cheered and clapped, like hysterical seals.


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